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Used Fiero 2.8 V6 Engine

The 2.8-liter V6 motor was the second Fiero build that was produced for the Pontiac subsidiary of the General Motors company in 1984. To bulk up the two-seater sport scar design, GM made the decision to offer a higher power level to V6 car buyers. Since the design of the Fiero is known as a mid-engine platform, the larger V6 made more sense to use during its production run. A person can easily buy used Fiero 2.8 V6 engine inventory at this website.

There are different models of the Fiero that used the 2.8 motors. Starting in 1985, the L44 engine was selected for installation. There were a total of 5 models that made use of the bigger V6. The Sport, GT and SE editions offered the V6 as an upgrade over the 2.5-liter. GM continued the pairing of the more larger design until the final production year came in the year 1988.

Buying Preowned Pontiac Fiero Motors

Aside from choosing the right block, a person should be aware of compatibility with a 2.8-liter engine and GM transmissions. There are some units that were only built for use with the TH125 model. This is different than the 125C that included the clutch system. The early automatic editions were compatible with both the 4-cylinder and the 6-cylinder Fiero motors.

A 5-speed transmission that was based on Mazda technology was also used in the Fiero. Despite the lightweight body and claims of easier wrecks, the Fiero made a comeback towards the end of the 1980s. The powered 2.8 V6 was still the motor of choice. Unlike the x-11 Citation, the Fiero did not receive the high out put motors before its termination.

Once a person makes a decision to buy used motors, it can be easy to jump the gun and purchase any rusty block. There are some things to note that are different in Fiero V6 engines. Apart from the trim levels of each vehicle and different transmissions, OEM parts that were originally installed are likely near failure.

2.8-Liter V6 for a Fiero

Solid advice to someone who is just price searching while collecting information about used 2.8-liter motors is to get a warranty. Without some form of coverage, out of pocket expenses will be required if a motor block fails. Not many mechanics can fix up a motor if a supply of original manufactured components are unavailable. GotEngines.com does warranty all used Pontiac engines that are retailed from this website.

Prices for Used Fiero Motors Online

It is not difficult to find a good sale price once auction companies are eliminated from the equation. When a sticker price does include a warranty and free freight delivery, that is when a deal is a deal in the engine industry. Every sale priced motor for Fiero or other vehicles with the Pontiac nameplate are priced using the warehouse inventory location tool here at GotEngines.com.

Chevy Citation 2.8L Engine

Citation is one of the cars that used the 2.8L engine in the Chevy lineup at the General Motors company. The LE2 block was the motor series that was selected to provide the performance in the compact car series. There were different stylings to the exterior of each citation that were between two and five doors. A person can receive an immediate discount for buying a used Chevy Citation 2.8L engine on this resource.

The V6 motor was the block selected by GM in the 1979 year when the Citation was launched. The first installation was the 2.5-liter I4 that was later used in the Chevrolet S10 trucks. While the Iron Duke motor did not pair well in the X-body platform, the 2.8-liter edition was the one that was most successful. There are several models of V6 blocks that a person will find related to the Chevy Citation.

Standard Citation V6 Motors

The 2.8 fuel injection system was added to the Citation engine family in the 1982 year. Once a replacement had been picked for the Nova and other models, GM started development of its enhanced fuel delivery technology. The LE2 was a transverse designed motor that offered a mere 112 horsepower. This block was a carbureted unit.

The use of the LE2 continued through the 1985 year when GM replaced this series with the L44 blocks. The new x-11 model was introduced that had a much more powerful motor. The 140 horsepower provided in the LH7 block was a high output edition. This sealed the V6 power for most people who were using or thinking of using the Chevrolet Citation as a method of transport.

After the discontinuance of the 2.8 HO edition, GM unveiled its late model fuel injection system in 1985. The Citation II featured the LB6 motor. It carried the same horsepower as the LH7 block although added the MPFI system. A person who will swap out a motor for a Citation should know the differences between the blocks.

Chevrolet Citation Engine Warranties

The V6 is a powerful block when care and attention are provided. Because GM does not manufacture or distribute the 2.8-liter in the United States, buying a second hand unit without a warranty is dangerous. There are hundreds of outlets that can still acquire the 3 popular 2.8 motors. Very few will actually pay for the warranty protection for a consumer once the motors are purchased.

Where to Buy 2.8-Liter Citations Engines

GotEngines.com currently provides engine data as well as sale prices when someone visits this portal. Instead of keeping prices a secret until checkout, any person can make a request here to learn how cheap a V6 really is to purchase. The refined tool that appears right on this page is how people find in stock motors to ship across the United States. People who need other assistance that is not provided here can dial the toll-free number for support.

Chevy Malibu 3.1 Engine

3.1-liter motors are often found in the Malibu from Chevy in a V6 build. The RPO code of L82 is what can be used to identify this series from other 3.1 build. GM started production on the 3100 block in the early 1990s. It was not until the 1997 year that the Malibu starting sporting the larger V6 edition. A person can find a used Chevy Malibu 3.1 engine with low mileage on this website.

The base amount of horsepower that can be found in the Malibu edition of the 3.1-liter V6 is 160. This can only be achieved if the RPM rating is at its peak of 5200. GM produced Chevy Malibu with its L82 block for a two-year period ending in the 1999 year. The LG8 was the performance upgrade to the regular 60-degree V6 design.

SPFI 3100 Malibu Engines

General Motors started adding sequential port fuel injection systems after 199 in the Malibu. The updated manifold system and improved injection system did present a better offering of horsepower. The compression in this block is much different than the earlier L82 series. A new ratio of 9:6:1 topped the horsepower at 170. Apart from the Malibu, the Lumina and Grand Prix were two other GM vehicles using the modified motor.

When purchasing any GM built motor, evaluating if the block is an original build is essential. There are rebuilders and tuners who frequently try to update the air flow and compression settings on older Chevy motors. Retailers that supply only OEM used blocks can provide a true and complete 3.1 V6. GotEngines.com is one national source to find competitive prices for auto engine replacements.

Buying Cheap 3100 V6 Motors

Chevrolet is a reliable brand and so are the motors inside. When exploring what second hand dealers provide online, knowing what VIN number is compatible and what long-term parts coverage is available is really helpful. The problem that some people run into when they try to swap out a Chevy Malibu motor is that they pay high prices for shipments. Some dealers never include the freight charges in the listed sale price structures.

When buying at a trusted source like the Got Engines website, all information is provided upfront. This includes data about the mileage when known and the incentives consumers are offered. This keeps people from being disappointed if they came here seeking something that was not really offered.

V6 Replacement Malibu Motors Online

A customer service agent is waiting at the other end of the phone line here to help someone right now. Speaking with an actual employee who can answer a lot of questions is little better than being presented with a quick buy button. For people who do prefer automated checkouts, all 3.1 Chevy used engine inventory here can be purchased when accessing the engine finder on this page. Data about warranties and how fast a motor will be shipped is always provided.

Chevy Beretta 2.0 Engine

The Beretta from Chevy used the 2.0 engine as part of the Generation II manufacturing at General Motors. There were two full years of engineering supplied for the 2.0-liter displacement in the late 1980s. While GM is known for placing its newest technology into motor blocks, the Beretta did benefit from the small improvements made at the time of production. A person can buy a complete Chevy Beretta 2.0 engine right on this website.

The entire production span for the Chevy Beretta lasted from 1987 to 1996. It was not until the 1987 year that GM built its LQ5 motor. These Gen II designs did include the TBI system. This offered the Beretta an increase to performance to 90 horsepower. The OHV designed blocks were also used in Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac vehicles until the year 1989.

LL8 2.0-Liter Beretta I4 Motor

The LL8 4-cylinder motor was the official build in the 2.0 displacement. This series was maxed out after 24 months of production. GM then supplied the 2.2-liter LM3 series as the official replacement option for the Chevrolet Beretta. The compact car movement was still going strong during this period of time. More two-door coupe vehicles with transverse front motors were in demand.

Similar vehicles in the GM family used the 2.0 motor apart from the Beretta. The Tempest and Corsica used the same LL8 block. A performance series was offered with a boost to a 2.8-liter during the early 1980s to boost sales of the Beretta cars. Most of the L body style vehicles made use of the 125C transmission. This was often found paired with the I4 2.0-liter displacement.

Buying 2.0 Chevy Engines Online

Mileage is one of the topics that comes up when people talk about I4 motors in used condition. While no one can predict at what point a vehicle motor will fail, what can be predicted is the lifespan of a regular motor that is well maintained. The 4-cylinder Chevrolet motors found on this GotEngines.com website are all good condition units. Mileage always varies between blocks although each is in top quality condition for buyers.

Through a validation process, the internal condition is always tested and certified. For someone who buys Chevy engines used, this is an important fact to consider. There are still Beretta vehicles that are on the roadways in the U.S. and Canada. People need reliable replacements to power these vehicles.

Find 2.0 Beretta I4 Engines Here

Sorting through inventory and checking prices is common for a motor buyer to do. The problem is that some people use the wrong resources. GotEngines.com promotes the biggest inventory of second hand motors for Chevrolet and GM produced vehicles in the Southwestern part of the United States. If something is now found here, it was likely never mass produced for the American car market.

Used Grand Am 2.3 Engine

Quad 4 motors in Grand Am vehicles are usually the 2.3-liter displacement. This was a motor block that was built by GM in the year 1988. As a standard edition build, the Quad 4 did promote a better range of horsepower without a different air intake system. The sedan and performance series of General Motors produced vehicles were each fitted with a variation of the LD2 RPO code. It is simple to buy a Grand Am 2.3 engine through use of this website.

The LD2 is the official code for the 1988 to 1994 blocks used for the Pontiac Grand Am in the USA. The regular compression ratio was fixed at 9:5:1. Depending on the production year, there can be slight variances in the manifold system or the way the cams are positioned. In later production years, a balance shaft system was added to the 2.3-liter block for the Grand Am.

HO 2.3-Liter Replacement Engines

Like most GM built motor blocks, a high output design was supplied for the 2.3. The RPO code of LG0 was given to this series. The horsepower was capable of a 180 limit although most people never achieved more than 175. The SE edition of the Grand Am is the trim level that sported the HO 2.3 in the U.S. market. This is a different build from the SPP unit that was only used between 1990 and the year 1991.

There is a 2.5 block that GM introduced during the 1990s. This was considered the update to the twin cam system. The OHV valve engines were in decline and updated single overhead cam versions were produced of the Quad 4 block. The period of production for the L40 block only last two years. It is very common to find the 2.3 requested most often by owners of used Pontiac vehicles.

Buying Used 2.3 Engines: What to Expect

The rating of 138 CID or 140 CID can be expected when a person purchases a 2.3-liter motor preowned. GM did market several changes in the I4 series. A 151 CID series can be found in the FWD versions. These include a roller cam, timing chain and might include the balance shaft. While these blocks remain in demand nationally, finding a retailer like GotEngines.com with a good inventory is something hard to match.

Sale Priced 2.3 Pontiac Grand Am Engines

There is a warranty supplied with motors bought here. There is also an offer for free shipping. Every 2.3-liter DOHC block in stock is a complete build. These are VIN “d” blocks or other units built by GM. The official sale price is found while browsing what is in the national warehouse inventory here.

It takes the model year of Grand Am in order to starting locating what is available for shipping. Because of the additional incentives supplied, all auto engine buyers will be satisfied with the used OEM GM blocks that are retailed daily.

Used ISB 6.7 Engine

B Series engine blocks in 6.7 displacement are known as ISBe models. These have been built by Cummins since the 2007 year in the United States. As a continued effort to expand on its I6 technology, the B6.7 block is still used in powerful trucks and freight vehicles. Because these blocks are heavy, buying a used ISB 6.7 engine with free shipping is a cost saver.

The most popular installation found for the latest series Cummins diesel motors is with the Ram truck series. The heavy-duty Ram 2500 and higher version do offer the 6.7 as an upgrade. This improved the total payload capacity to 5130 lbs. While some of the features match what is offered in the smaller 5.9-liter Cummins, the two are very different performance motors.

Ram 6.7 Diesel Engine

A better emissions system was created for the 6.7-liter block by Cummins. The units found in Ram trucks are now featured with the 68RFE gearbox in most cases. Instead of featuring the older Bosch fuel system, a higher end common rail design was kept for the new series. This means that the high-pressure system is now more reliable at startup compared to the earlier models.

There are 408 cubic inches featured in the 6.7 block. This equates to a 17:3:1 ratio of compression. With a top horsepower range of 358, this is one of the highest rated Cummins engines in the 4-valve build. The block is still cast iron and the standard cam shaft is featured. A diesel particulate filter system is included in the 6.7 as part of the emissions control.

All Holset turbochargers supplied the needed aspiration in the Cummins series motors. The block requires a minimum of 12 quarts of oil to achieve the right pressure and lubrication during vehicle operation. A governor is featured on the block that has an RPM holdback of 3013. The actual torque rating is between 610 and 865 lbs per foot.

B6.7 Cummins Engines: What to Know

There is a high output version that was released at the start of the 2015 year. This has increased the horsepower in the heavy-duty Ram 3500 trucks. In the year 2010, a PCM was installed on the 6.7 block to offer more precise control between the transmission and the engine. An EGR cooler has been a part of the block since the year 2009 although earlier builds do not feature this upgrade.

Prices for 6.7 Used ISBe Engines

A sticker price that is low enough to impress regular motor buyers is what can be found at GotEngines.com. Getting a quote is super simple on this website. Either begin by calling the listed customer service number or submit a digital request. Each method will provide the affordable prices sought by consumers for used Cummins diesel motors in 6.7 or smaller displacements.

Used ISB 5.9 Engine

The 5.9 ISB engine is one of the famous Cummins builds used in Dodge and other brand trucks in the United States. First built in the year 1998, this engine series was an upgrade to the earlier 6BT blocks. As part of the I6 base, upgrades were placed into the block of this motor to differentiate it from earlier Cummins builds. Someone who will swap out a diesel motor can buy a used ISB 5.9 engine for a good sticker price at this website.

The Cummins 5.9 is known as a straight 6 motor. This is an inline design that is usually found on larger trucks. The ISB or Interact System B was installed on the 5.9 to make it different from the standard Ram edition motor. More than one valve is used to disperse power in the cam shaft. This provides an immediate power increase without a diesel fuel increase.

Ram ISB or ISB 5.9

Some people can be confused when researching this history of Cummins I6 motors. There were two 5.9 marketed motors for the Dodge Ram between 1998 and 2002. The 6BT and the Ram ISB are actually very similar motors. The difference is the Bosch fuel injection and the ISB power upgrade. The displacement is the same. The new Ram edition did receive a boost of 215 horsepower though.

The 5.9-liter diesel can be offered in a standard or common rail setup. The 2003 year marked the first installation of a CR system in Ram trucks in the USA. It is quite common to find heavy-duty transmissions in use with the common rail diesel motors. The base level compression ratio is 16:3:1 for the 4-valve design.

Cummins kept the cast iron block configuration during the entire lifespan of the 5.9-liter diesel. There could be a standard wet sump oil delivery system or a high-pressure fuel system found on the ISB series. Depending on the block, it is best to find out this info in advance before purchase.

Buying a Cummins 5.9: What to Know

ISB and QSB are two technologies featured in various production years of the Cummins 5.9 liter motor. More efficient output and an improvement in horsepower is well liked by truck owners, but not every engine will be compatible in all configurations. The mechanical and automatic OEM parts installed are usually very different. Most 5.9 series blocks were terminated from active production in 2002.

Prices for Used Cummins I6 Engines

The ISB 5.9 I6 motors that are retailed on this website are quality units. These have been overhauled by a professional. This means that an inspection was used to validate the interior working condition of every unit. A street test and sound test were performed to make certain quality is above average. A price can be quoted using the variety of tools placed on this website. Quotes are processed 365 days a year here.

Used 6BT Engine

6BT is one of the engine builds used in the Dodge Ram trucks in the late 1980s. The power of the inline six diesel is something that is hard to deny in the auto world. Cummins is the company that pioneered its 12-valve motor design in the U.S. market. The turbo powered diesel is still a standard in the American truck market. A person can buy used 6BT engine inventory here at a good price.

The displacement of the 6BT motor is 5.9-liters. This equates to a cubic inch size of 360.0. Part of what people appreciate about the Cummins brand is the better direct injection fuel pumps. Most of the pumps that were used in the 1989 to 2008 production year were made by Bosch. These pumps worked well with the water cooled I6 iron block. The average person is likely already familiar in name with the B-series Cummins diesel.

Ram 5.9-Liter I6: What to Know

Failed starts in cold weather was always an issue with many diesel motor brands used in pickup trucks. The use of glow plugs to provide a heated block was not a requirement for the 5.9 I6. The Ram vehicles manufactured by Dodge relied on the 6BT due to its termination of the outdated glow plug technology.

There are 2 valves per cylinder found in the I6 block. This means that there are a total of 12 cylinders in the basic configuration. This helped Cummins coin the term 12-valve diesel. The official rating for 5.9-liter diesel horsepower is 160. This power level is what most owners of trucks or work trucks seek when buying a Cummins used.

The first edition 6BT blocks did not come with a self-charged air cooling system. These were added after the 1991 production year. The original I6 block should not be confused with the ISB series. This was a different engine and the two are not compatible. The compression ratio is 17:5:1 at a torque value of 330 lbs per foot.

How to Buy a 6BT Cummins Motor

When someone goes to purchase a used motor, validating some of the key features is one way to reduce a bad purchase. There should be at total of 7 main bearings in a used 6BT engine. The cam shaft was designed to be gear driven and not a belt drive like some gasoline I6 builds. The original turbo was produced by Holset. It should be intact and not an aftermarket build.

Prices for Used 5.9-Liter 6BT Engines

GotEngines.com provides an instant price locator service here online. Any used diesel motor that is in stock by Cummins can be priced independently. The model year of a truck needs to be supplied to calculate a price. A purchase can be made when using the e-commerce tools offered here. A customer service rep can explain all 6BT motor details by calling the phone number listed.

a588 Engine

The A588 code refers to the 2.0 Chrysler engine used in the U.S. auto market. This 4-cylinder engine was an update to the EBD series motors first used in the Plymouth and Dodge Neon vehicles. The early units were configured for use with the 3-speed 31TH gearboxes. The base 2.0 motor was first used in 1994. Someone swapping an A588 engine can find good prices on this website.

The main difference between the 2.0-liter motors in the Neon vehicle as the trim level. A two-door and a four-door model were each offered by Dodge and by Chrysler. Each trim was used for a period of two to four years during production of the Neon. It was the A588 motor that was used until the 2005 year.

SOHC 2.0 Dodge A588 Engine

A compression ratio of 9:8:1 was standard in the mid-1990s Chrysler vehicles. This was usually due to the single overhead camshaft design. While the torque was small at only 130 lbs per foot, there was a respected level of horsepower at 132 hp. To go with the trim upgrades available, Chrysler offered the 1.8 or the 2.0 as the base level motors in most Neon vehicles.

The ECC 150 horsepower motor in 2.0-liter displacement is a completely different engine model. These were only offered on select vehicles that would support the DOHC design. One way to tell if a block is the A588 is to look for the air intake made out of plastic. The lower horsepower blocks used a plastic setup unlike the aluminum sheets found in the late model Neon engines.

The base, highline, ACR and style trim series did use the 4-cylinder 2.0 motors effectively. What most people seek when purchasing these blocks is one that has an acceptable level of mileage. There are plenty of rusted out Dodge and Plymouth motor vehicles that showcase poor quality motors. Providing a block that is still in good condition is what GotEngines.com offers.

How to Buy Neon A588 Engines

If a person searches long enough, a range of inventory can be brought up on the Internet. The single most important thing to know during a swap of a Neon engine is what 4-cylinder model is being replaced. There were several 2.0 motors. One was a turbo. One was a SOHC. The other was a DOHC. It is essential to choose the right VIN number model to ensure the best results are achieved.

Price Ranges for 2.0-Liter A588

GotEngines.com provides one of the only free tools to explore used motor inventory on the web. Starting in the main warehouse, a search can be conducted for almost every Chrysler motor. The process is nearly instant and prices are always displayed. Paying good money for a bad engine is not what people want to accomplish. Getting a 4-cylinder that includes a warranty will offer the most security to someone swapping a 2.0 A588 motor.

Mercury Topaz V6 2.3 Engine

The 2.3 is one V6 engine found in some Mercury vehicles. Starting in the year 1984, Ford began producing its newest HSC straight 6 motor blocks. Throughout the production cycle, different fuel delivery systems were needed to keep up with the 2.3-liter displacement. Before a person pays money to swap a Mercury Topaz V6 2.3 engine, checking for prices here is a good start.

The HSC or high swirl combustion technology was developed by Ford Motor Company for a 10-year period. The OHV engine development was being pushed to its capacity and new fuel options were developed. The early CFI, MPFI and later SEFI were all included in the V6 2.3 blocks. The Topaz is just one of the Mercury vehicles that was fitted with the HSC blocks until 1994.

LTS Topaz V6 Engines

Ford is great at giving people a little more quality with a trim upgrade. The Topaz featured the XR5 and LTS models in the early 1990s. These trim levels provided the performance 2.3 engines. The HSO models were short-lived variants of the first-edition V6 builds. The iron block is a heavy build and is what all early 6-cylinder Ford motors were built with.

How do you identify a motor for a Mercury Topaz? Any vehicle id number that includes the letter S is fitted with a 2.3 HSC series motor. These were very common until the 1990 year. For someone hoping to find a good retail price when swapping a motor, the use of this website is a real time saver. The complete Mercury inventory can be browsed to find all used condition builds.

2.3 Mercury Topaz Recall

A high temperature in the motor block due to a cooling issue was the reason for a 1997 recall for the Topaz. While this does not affect units built before 1994, there are some retailers still selling recalled motor blocks. The GotEngines.com company uses its private network of distributors to find quality motors. Each unit in 2.3 displacement has already been certified prior to sale.

Dealerships usually provided a fix for consumers who had engine overheating in the 2.3-liter V6. A glitch in the fan motor is what caused the overheating. A person who buys a Topaz motor should know about the previous recall. When estimating the quality of life left in a V6 block, mileage should always be at the top of the list.

Used 2.3 Topaz Engines for Sale

Sale prices are really important to consumers. It is because of this importance that GotEngines.com discounts its inventory. There is set price that someone will pay when ordering any Ford replacement motors for sale here. This keeps the price low enough for most people to swap out a motor cost effectively.

In return for consumers shopping here, every used Mercury Topaz engine is fixed with an extended warranty plan. This is a simple bonus and a thank you for every national shopper. Information about how to active a warranty is offered at checkout. The customer service department can be reached to validate prices and warranties during regular business working hours.