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Ram Promaster City Engine

ram promaster 2.4 tigershark engineFiat remains one of the largest European automakers now with a presence in the U.S. The sale of the Chrysler assets to Fiat is expected to create more trust in the building of American automobiles. A vehicle known as the Promaster City is one of the first builds that is part of the Fiat USA group. Looking for a Promaster City engine is easy for customers using this preowned website. Got Engines specializes in foreign and domestic motors.

There are several European models that have been used to help form the basis of the four-cylinder motors now used in Fiat-based automobiles. The cargo van is one of the popular brands that has been placed into the design of the Promaster City editions. This 2015 model is equipped with the ZF9 transmission and this provides 9 possible gear ratios for the 2.4 Tigershark engines.

Specs for 2.4 Fiat Promaster Engines

A total of 178 horsepower has been placed into the initial builds of the 2.4 series engines. This provides a mileage ratio of up to 26 miles per gallon for motorists. The design is an inline model that produces up to 6400 RPM and a very respected torque level. The inclusion of the larger gearbox boosted the powertrain reliability for the DOHC motor. There are 16 valves in the four-cylinder 2.4 edition and the block is made from cast aluminum.

A person who will replace a defective Ram ProMaster engine should know that a total of 5.5 quarts are needed for the oil pan. This supports the entire functionality of the working fuel delivery system. These specs ensure the Ram Promaster MPG will remain intact for purchasers of replacement cargo van engines. There are not many resources to obtain accurate information for this Ford Transit series competitor in the United States.

How to Buy Used Ram Promaster Motors for Sale

Got Engines is a national resource to find second hand and out of market motors for all brands. The Chrysler-Fiat group is just one example of the types of inventory that can be explored or purchased in real time. After reviewing the specs and payload count for the Promaster cargo vans, the next step is reviewing the price structures that are provided for a motor replacement. A quotation system is featured precisely on this page to make research simpler.

Whether a motor for a 1500, 2500 or a 3500 is needed it can be found here. The MSRP of a brand new Ram engine is not attached to the motors that are for sale in the used inventory at GotEngines.com. A staff helps people to price motors across the country who are not using this website as a total informational source. A toll-free phone system has been installed to make contact easier and to supply reliable information about warranties and shipping prices to consumers.

Mercedes 300E Engine

used mercedes 300 engine

The mid 1980s auto manufacturing was changed for the better when Mercedes entered the global market with its W-Series vehicles. The updated chassis design over previous models introduced to new performance line of vehicles known as E-Class. The front engine design is one still in use today and popularity for preowned luxury vehicles helps fuel the demand for sales of auto parts. The Mercedes 300E engine is one of the types available to purchase using this North American resource.

The E300 design was completed in 1986 and marketed until the 1993 year in the U.S. Several displacements have been utilized during the protection run of the sedan style Mercedes-Benz. The M103 is the code used to determine what year the 3.0L engine was designed. This luxury motor was based on the technology used in the earlier 2.6L that was used in the W124 luxury class.

Replacement Mercedes Motors for Sale

The available displacements for the E-Series 300 model include the most common 3.0L along with other editions. The 2.8L, 3.2 and 3.5L were all used during the 7-year manufacturing run of the 300E vehicles. The American versions of this vehicle included gasoline motors while diesel units were experimented with in other countries. Someone researching the specs of the used Mercedes motors before purchasing these units can find the two versions are available.

A big let down to consumers who research the second hand motor market is the retail prices that are uncovered. While most purchasers know that a retail MSRP price is what dealerships offer, some engine discounts and other companies can have varying pricing. What GotEngines.com supplies to consumers using this resource is a way to save money purchasing a preowned Mercedes engine. The 300E series vehicles and other luxury types are represented on this resource for review by auto parts buyers.

Used Mercedes 300 Engine Discount Prices

When making a Mercedes 300E engine swap, saving money is always a crucial step. The W124 engine base is one that is delicate and must be preserved by retailers before an installation can be complete. The M103 blocks that are found while researching this website are tested units that are ready for an install. What this means is that an overview has been conducted by professionals prior to a consumer making a purchase.

A quotation tool exists on this website for use by any motor buyer. The absolute lowest price structures for E-Series Mercedes vehicle motors are presented. It is not required to search more than one source to find Mercedes Benz 300E parts like motors. The Got Engines company already provides access to the largest automotive parts sources in the United States. A professional team manages every request for pricing on this website and through a toll-free phone system.

Used Honda Ridgeline Engine

honda suv 3.5 motorThe surge in SUV sales in the U.S. helped Honda Motor Company to develop a new concept vehicle in 2005. The idea of a sport utility truck was brought to life as the Ridgeline vehicle. Production of this SUV truck helped promote the four-door truck concept for a modern vehicle. Replacing a Honda Ridgeline engine with one that is used available to users of this website.

The mid-size production of similar vehicles like the MDX, TL and Odyssey helped lay the foundation for the sport utility truck concept. The motor that was selected is the 3.5 V6 that is also found in similar Honda motor vehicles. The transverse-mounted design helped promote the new builds of V6 with a base level of 250 horsepower.

Ridgeline Engine Replacement

Replacing engines with high mileage is one of the common practices for a vehicle owner. The inventory of used Honda motors that GotEngines.com provides the public guarantees a safe installation. The specs for the Ridgeline V6 motor does provide stability for SUV owners who swap their motor with a preowned edition. Paying MSRP for a motor is a concept that is not helpful to people who are on a budget when buying auto parts for sale.

There are different trim levels that are offered in the truck-SUV designs that Honda produces. These editions still use the 3.5 displacement motor. The Sport, RTL and RTX editions can accept the replacement Ridgeline motors for sale bought through this website. This inventory includes the Ridgeline police editions used in some parts of the U.S. and Canada. A person who is searching on the Internet to affordably replace any of the sport utility vehicle versions will find good inventory using this resource.

Where to Buy Used Honda Engine Blocks

Got Engines supplies the tools and the resources that are required in the second hand industry to find quality inventory for sale. The automatic search finder that is built into the top of this website provides the starting point for every consumer ready to buy a preowned unit. The warranty program that is offered along with every sale guarantees three years of protection for most of the parts that could potentially fail after an installation.

Customer service is essential when ordering a motor. Not every seller on the Internet provides a resource that answers questions and provides history of Honda motors to consumers. Every request that is entered on this website for assistance is answered promptly. The various expenses that a person pays to replace an engine in any SUV vehicle can already inflate motor replacement costs. Every inventory type that is found on this resource is shipped the same day and is affordable to install.

Cougar LS Engine

mercury cougar ls engineThe Monarch in the Mercury lineup in the early 1980s was discontinued in favor of two new models for consumers. The Cougar received an all-new design and featured two different trim styles. Someone who is searching prices for a Cougar LS engine can learn a lot about the history of this vehicle brand on this GotEngines.com resource page. Prices for a complete block in used condition are easy to acquire using the tool offered for use here.

The two-door coupe and four-door coupe design was one that helped promote the LS editions of the Mercury Cougar. The Lima 2.3 motor was used as the base motor apart from the much larger V8 used in the XR-7. Production was discontinued for the 4.2 and 4.9 in the XR-7 in favor of going with the new breed of LS models that were produced from 1980 to 1982. Used blocks can be found using this resource to help someone seeking out less than MSRP pricing.

Specs for Mercury Cougar LS

There were three original families of motors used for the LS brand. The Windsor V8, Lima four-cylinder and Essex V6. Each model had a different displacement. The general horsepower was rated between 98 for the Lima motor and 265 for the subsequent V8 models. The body style of the LS made all the difference in determining what motor size was used. The 1983 year was the first change to the exterior body for the Mercury brand since the 1970s.

A turbo edition was available in the early 1980s for the 2.3 displacement. This was combined with the 3.8 and the larger Windsor 4.9 that was found in LS compatible vehicles. Each of these motor types were fully compatible with the C5, AOD or T5 series gearboxes in use at the time. Someone ready to replace a defective block with a used Mercury Cougar engine will find solace knowing that prices are low enough using this PreownedEngines.com resource.

Buy Mercury Cougar Motors for Sale

There are classifieds on the Internet where someone can review motor types and retail prices. One problem is the issues with mileage and delivery when using these third party sources. What is supplied on this website is an automatic search tool that links the current inventory of engine companies into a single location. This tool finds all prices without having to search forums, auto trader sources or other want ads selling preowned Mercury vehicle motors.

The search finder on this page helps someone to explore 1999, 2000, 2001, 1981, 1986, 1989, 1988 and other year blocks that have been used in the Cougar LS vehicles. All of the platforms that have been produced for more than 30 years can be priced and purchased in this single location. All preowned motor blocks for sale come as complete units with a free of charge parts warranty.

Used Ram 3.6 Engine

pentastar 3.6 motorA new wave of motors has been introduced in this decade for Ram pickup trucks. Chrysler, the parent corporation of Dodge, made the decision to split Ram into a separate brand. This has created a new push for different motor technologies. Someone who is researching the newest Dodge 3.6 engine to buy can use this GotEngines.com source for sale price information.

The year 2013 was the first installation of the Chrysler Pentastar 3.6 engine. This is a borrowed block from the Jeep division of Chrysler. The success of the new V6 blocks has paved a new road for future development. This motor is often found in 2013 Ram trucks and is still an option for non-V8 applications. Someone who experiences problems with a 3.6 block might have to change the motor to restore functionality.

3.6 Pentastar Engine Specs

Apart from aerodynamic changes, the Pentastar does provide a considerable difference in torque for truck owners. A person who owns a Ram pickup probably knows about the 305 horsepower range. The factory specs ensure that the motor receives about 25 miles per gallon for the 1500 series. This mid-size truck enhancement has made the newer V6 blocks attractive to the average vehicle buyer. The block is based off of the 10:2:1 compression ratio and does require 6 full quarts of oil for optimum performance.

The DOHC design of the 3.6 has made it one of the lightest motors available. The engine industry has benefitted as a whole from new discoveries. The changing automotive market has made more competition for automakers to produce fuel efficient motors. The separation of Chrysler, Ram and Dodge has proven successful in the U.S. The former Jeep 3.6 engine is now a big part of the truck industry technology used for the Ram division.

Where to Buy a Ram 1500 3.6 Motor

Got Engines now provides one of the biggest resources on the Internet for locating used condition truck motors. The V6 engine problems that some vehicle owners have can be erased with a quality motor replacement. Raising the hood and changing out a block can be cost effective through this website. Buying a motor that gives a lot of fuel economy is a plus for second hand inventory purchasers within the United States.

A precise used engine system for price delivery has been installed at this website. All MSRP pricing has been subtracted and only discounts are displayed for consumers. The exact year and make of motors can be inserted into the price tool that appears at the top of this website page. Any person interested in buying a used Ram motor at a discount can make use of this important tool. All used Pentastar truck engines in stock work with the 8-cylinder gearboxes that are found in late model Chrysler produced V6 enabled vehicles.

Miata 1.6 Engine

Mazda Engines for SaleThe Miata is one of the vehicles that Mazda produced in the late 1980s for sale in the United States. This vehicle brand was propelled by the 1.6 displacement motor. The entry into the market in the 1990s helped carve out a niche for Mazda for its smaller class of sports cars. What can be found using this Internet engines resource is a fully functional Miata 1.6 engine attached to a low sticker price.

The 1.6 motor is one in a special class of blocks designed for performance and good ratios of fuel consumption. The smallest of the single overhead cam motors is the 1.3. These were used as the earliest B series inclusions in the Mazda exported U.S. vehicles. The Miata began showcasing a dual overhead cam edition of the 1.6 model during the early 1990s. These motors were originally rated at 116 horsepower.

1.6 Mazda Miata Motor Specs

There are 98 cubic inches inside of the four-cylinder 1.6 editions. This equates to a smaller 9:4:1 ratio of compression. The torque is locked in at 5500 RPMs and works well with the regular five-speed manual gearboxes. The regular base of Miata engine blocks use a minimum of 3 quarts of motor oil with an approved filter. A plus in most of the early vehicles produced was the larger the average fuel tank.

The actual weight of the 1.6 is 2100 pounds. This is the standard factory weight and can be smaller depending on the source of acquisition. Buying one of these editions from a trusted retailer means that any person can ensure the right fit is made. A better than average idle speed radio and compatibility with power steering and other technologies has kept the four-cylinder Miata at the head of the pack on the second hand market.

Where to Buy Used Mazda Motors

GotEngines.com provides the resource that any person shopping in the United States can use to find good condition inventory. The street price or MSRP that is marketed in some parts of the country can be higher for consumers looking in other places. The 1.6 Mazda engine is one of the acclaimed builds that is currently available. From the good fuel consumption to the top performance, these motor brands remain in demand.

Motors in preowned condition can be purchased right off of this website. The entire process is easy to complete. The first step that any person can complete is to lock in a price using the year of each Miata vehicle requiring a motor. This entry into the defined system for price quotations here will reveal the price listings. The MX5 or other editions of the Miata are included to help someone find a great motor replacement. A full warranty for coverage is supplied and figured into the selling price.

Used Mazda MX5 Engine

used mazda mx5 engineMazda stepped up its sports car production in the late 1980s by releasing the MX5 or MX-5 vehicle. There are now several generations of these vehicles produced for the global auto industry. The history of Mazda has been preserved with several top brands that are still used on American roadways. GotEngines.com provides a way to search for used Mazda MX5 engine inventory in a centralized location on this website.

The platforms that Mazda uses to build sports vehicles changes depending on the size of the car. In the case of the MX-5, the B-Series motors were used to provide a high performance structure in a smaller vehicle. The 1.6L motor was the first design that was used. This motor is known for its small cubic inch size although was replaced by the 1.8L for the entry into the U.S. The all-steel body was paired nicely with the four-cylinder sport motors.

Best Mazda MX-5 Motor Prices

Securing the best deal for a used motor is no easy task for a foreign vehicle owner. While Mazda is known for making great engines, there are some models that are hard to find when an engine is needed. All 1.8L motors are built with different engine codes. This can complicate the search for the second generation builds for the Miata or true MX5 cars. Some motors were released solely in Europe. One constant is the compatible transmissions that are available as preowned on the market.

Some of the early 1990s editions were known as the Miata MX5. While these editions had 1.6L or 1.8L engines, there were slight differences in the main body design. What Got Engines provides to consumers is a way to view Mazda prices entirely on the Internet. This process is completed without having to call someone by phone in order to learn pricing for a preowned motor. The staff answering phones includes Mazda MX5 expert associates. This can help even a beginner to understand how to buy a used engine.

How to Buy Mazda Clearance Engines

The first step before a person buys is to locate the right price tag. There are clear differences in the types of retail pricing that is marketed on the Internet. The sports car and performance motor packages that are available for sale always carry a higher resale value. When buying any motor that is discounted, the considerations for mileage and quality must be known. What is found on this website provides the base foundation for any motor buyer in the U.S. to start the price discovery process.

There is a foreign motor finder tool built at the top of this page. A preowned MX5 motor is easy to review, price and purchase using a single click. A Mazda today is just as good as the older editions that were built more than two decades ago. Buying a used condition motor from a trusted Mazda reseller is easy. Whether a self installation or mechanic install is needed, Got Engines makes the purchase process a bit easier for the average person.

Used Nissan Armada Engine

Nissan entered the Used Nissan Armada Enginefull-size SUV market in the 2004 year by producing the Armada. The consistent demand for vehicles produced by foreign auto companies has helped pave the way for entry into the U.S. market. The four-door platform for vehicle production has been headlined by powerful V8 motors in the Nissan brand. A person buying a used Nissan Armada engine can use GotEngines.com as a main resource for price and availability nationally. Nissan created a new platform in the early 2000s to house all of its vehicle brands. The suspension type known globally as F Alpha is now used as the primary production base. This series is unique to Nissan unlike other automakers that produce large scale vehicles. All of the motors that are used for F Alpha vehicles use the 5.6L V8. This specialized engine can be difficult to locate in some parts of the country when requested in preowned condition.

Specs for Full Size Nissan VK SUV Motors

The changeover to providing the VK series motors was made in the 2002 year. Nissan had formerly used its VH platform for all of its pickup trucks that were for sale nationally. What made the VK brand so unique is the displacement of the motor. The first installation of the VK series was the 4.5 displacement. This was introduced in related brands like Frontier, Infiniti, Fuga and 305Z in the Nissan motor vehicles family. The Armada has used the 5.6 displacement since it was first engineered in early 2004. This motor is a 305 horsepower unit is upgraded annually for power. The engine code for this motor is VK56DE although not all foreign motor sellers have this unit in stock. A person who replaces this motor inside of a sport utility vehicle needs to have a trusted company to purchase from. Got Engines is a supplier of preowned Nissan engines for sale.

Locate Nissan Armada Engine Prices

Unlike pricing at a dealership, it is hard to find clearance prices for a Nissan engine. The price structures used by service centers or other retailers can be hit or miss to consumers. The resources for locating prices promoted on this website remove the consumer frustrations when engine shopping. Finding special offers for SUV motors is a little simpler here. The database of prices that includes current blue book value for motor vehicle engines is easy to access. The good thing for consumers using this website is the access to other vehicle brands. A person who needs a 5.6 motor for a Nissan Frontier pickup truck can easily find these units in stock.

A warranty is always supplied that is good for a three-year period after successful activation. Instead of paying MSRP, a person can save money and gas mileage with a better quality motor. Every Armada SUV motor in stock and shippable is at the lowest price available. Getting a quote through the system on this page introduces the affordable list prices marketed nationally.

Used Mazda 6 Engine

used mazda 6 engine2002 was the first year of introduction in the global market for the Mazda 6 vehicle. This sport sedan was quickly exported to the United States where a large base of eager car buyers exists. The first generation of production was successful for Mazda and development continues in this decade. It is still easy to buy a used Mazda engine when shopping the GotEngines.com locator online.

The platform built by Mazda is known as the GG build for the 6 class of vehicles. The initial design included a 1.8 motor. This lower displacement mixed with a better horsepower output was quickly updated to the 2.0 in the U.S. market. The MZR family was used for the first two generations of production. The 3.0 motor was an option after the first year of release to compete with rival sedan automakers. This series was used for the hatchback, estate and saloon exterior body styles.

History of Mazda Sedan Motors

An extensive list of motors has been tried out inside the 6 class of vehicles since the original 2002 launch. A direct injection 2.3 motor was introduced for the European market to capitalize on different fuel technology. The American market centered around mixtures of fuel standards and slight horsepower upgrades. The 2.5 four-cylinder was introduced in 2007 along with the much larger 3.7 as an updated option. This series was mixed between MZI and MZR engine family technologies.

New vehicle production has introduced the GJ platform to hold the Skyactiv motors now built for the Mazda 6. These motors are hand built in Japan and are exported to different markets. The 2.5 is the newer edition available in the U.S. while other countries continue to use the 2.0 Skyactive motors. All used Mazda engines for sale that can be purchased from secondary retailers are imported versions. This can contribute to a noticeable shift in retail pricing.

Where to Buy Preowned Mazda Engines

The research process to find a Mazda dealer can be exhausting to a car owner. The price of a brand new engine can cost as much as a used 6 when purchased from a car lot. The options to replace a motor for a sport sedan have been helped courtesy of the used market. Got Engines specializes nationally in the distribution of motor vehicle engines. This distribution includes the past and present models of motors used in Mazda vehicles. The engines that are in stock and that can be purchased are easily compatible with the manual and automatic transmissions.

The only effort that a person must put forth when viewing this website for replacement car motors is to enter a year or make into the search locator system. It is this system that takes the place of offline research for most consumers. A regular click of the mouse showcases the available Mazda motors inventory. A complete overview of pricing is supplied through the price display feature. Buying a used Mazda motor for a sedan or other nameplate in the 6 lineup has never been easier online.

Used Ford Van Engines

used ford van enginesEconoline was the brand of vans that Ford marketed for decades before shortening the name to E-Series. Econoline logos were first used in Canadian produced vans in the Mercury lineup. The early 1960s was a time of growth for the original inline 6 motors used in the full size Ford vans. It is still easy to find used Ford van engines when the right resources are used. GotEngines.com supplies a simple way to find old and new van motor assemblies.

Ford designed the series of vans to accept different types of engines based on power needs from consumers. The early motors were manufactured for compatibility with the limited three-speed transmissions used through most of the 1960s and 1970s. Most of the van types were two and three-door designs to provide more room for storage. What was constant for the Ford company was the development of engine displacements to change horsepower.

Specs for Replacement Ford Motors

The earliest E-Series van motors were known as the 2.4 inline six-cylinder series. These were initially produced as an inline design although only for a four-year period. Ford quickly changed the production style to include 2.8 and 3.9 displacements by the mid 1970s. The development of the Windsor motor in Canada provided a new power source for buyers of commercial vans in North America. These 4.9 engines remained in use until recently modern vans.

The next phase of motors included the 3.6, 5.8, 6.1, 7.0 and larger 7.5. The development into the big-block V8 series did introduce some of the largest overhead valve motors available. The original Boss Mustang engine was used for a short duration in the Econoline van to boost power ratings for the current lineup. The 4.9, 4.0, 4.2, 6.8 and 7.3 are examples of the modern replacement motors that can be found in preowned condition.

Where to Buy Van Motors from Ford

Got Engines provides the complete resources that any person can depend on when searching the secondary auto parts market. There are hundreds of types of used motors that can be for sale at any given time. It takes time to sort through partners supplying inventory to make sure that consumers have good options to choose. A super fast method of purchasing a Ford replacement motor is offered right on this page. This means zero searching through other retailers to find a discount price.

The engine finder technology that is applied on this page takes out the research of sorting through retailer price lists. The only prices that are listed for a person to review when accessing the engine finder is the current sale price. All vintage and modern platform motor designs are available for price extraction when accessing the system. A motor buyer in any part of the United States can enter this system using a PC, smartphone or tablet computer to buy a second hand Ford motor for sale.