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Nissan Quest 3.5L Engine Used

The Quest by Nissan used the 3.5L V6 engine for the first time in the year 2004 in the United States. Originally a co-design with Ford Motor Company, the Quest was one of the top-selling minivans that were available in the early 2000s. The 6-cylinder block was the third motor type that was installed since the initial production in 1992. Got Engines sells reduced priced Nissan Quest 3.5L engine inventory from this website.

Part of the reason that the 4-door minivan body style was selected was the room for improvement with the FF chassis design. While the earliest 3.5-liter builds made use of 4 and 5-speed automatic transmissions, the units that are in production in the current year are setup for CVT gearboxes. The VQ35DE engine block is the primary model that is found inside the Quest and other Nissan motor vehicles.

235 Horsepower V6 Quest Motor

The change to including a variable valve timing system updated the 3.5 with new technologies for a minivan. The old 235 horsepower that was part of the initial production phase was reintroduced as a 260 variant after the year 2010. A hard part about buying a Nissan Quest engine for some people is determining how good the parts are on the inside of the block. Since builds here are sold as used, pre-sales validation procedures are mandatory.

Accurately estimating just how long a motor block will last is a difficult task for any company. There is no way to tell just how much performance or maintenance was performed prior to the dismantling of automotive parts. The VQ35DE for sale on this consumer portal has gone through several confirmation procedures in order to shape the buying experience for a consumer. This helps a person to know the life expectancy of a build before a sale is ever processed.

Quest Minivan Engines for Sale

The procedures used by GotEngines.com to find the best inventory in the nation help please people who shop this website. The Nissan minivan parts inventory listed here is nothing but complete blocks. What this means is that all essentials are present and in good shape. With the support of a customized warranty package, a person can have no cost coverage for a period of at least 24 months.

In order for a person to use this website effectively, there are some pieces of information that need to be known before requesting a price. The precise minivan year is one of these pieces of information required. For a person who knows only a vehicle identification number, use of the auto parts system on this website can still be valuable. Immediate distribution of all in stock V6 price levels are provided.

Subaru Impreza 2.5L Engine for Sale

Subaru has used the 2.5-liter engine inside the Impreza since the year 1992. While the 1.5 model was the base coupe motor, the sedan and hatchback were quickly modified to provide a standard or turbo upgrade option. It was this change that introduced more people to the improvement in power that was achieved in the Subaru class of vehicles. GotEngines.com supplies low prices for the Subaru Impreza 2.5L engine on the Internet.

There are few auto manufacturers in the industry that use as many trim levels as Subaru has for its Impreza vehicle. There have been no less than 10 different models that all featured something different for consumers. What was constant about the WRX and similar editions was the Subaru EJ25 engine block. This edition is still quite popular for secondary market replacements in older cars.

WRX and Outback Sport Replacement Motors

Both a turbo and a regular edition were produced for the 2.5-liter during its 1992 to 2011 production schedule. The DOHC model is by far the most common to find especially when browsing the preowned market. What was slightly different in each version was the horsepower on the block. The turbo models did sport a 9:5:1 compression ratio compared with the lower 8:0:1 in the base edition.

When a person starts to plan out a Subaru Impreza 2.5 engine swap, being aware of the block mileage and the parts warranty will help with the selection process. It is not too hard to find a high mileage WRX or other model motor. What is hard to find is one that has under 75,000 and still includes like new components. Got Engines provides a variance in price for every EJ25 engine for sale that is marketed in the U.S.

Find 2.5-Liter Used Subaru Engines

The flat motor block design of the I4 models made these easy to accept various transmissions. The compatibility between assemblies is not hard to validate when it comes to the 2.5L blocks. All used editions that are marked for sale at GotEngines.com have completed testing and a general evaluation. A certified specialist has reviewed all parts for condition and grading levels.

Only the first through third generation editions made use of the 4-cylinder 2.5. A person who is seeking a unit for replacement that was made after this time period will have to seek another version. When it comes to a price structure, what is important to remember is that quality comes from the inside of the build and not the outside. There will be signs of surface rust and some light deterioration at the point of purchase. To review what is available here, please use the quotes system or call toll-free for help.

Sequoia 5.7 Engine Used OEM Price

The Sequoia uses the 5.7L V8 engine in the Toyota family. This full-size SUV was first produced in the year 2001. As a 5-door model, both 2WD and 4WD compatible motors have been installed. With Toyota manufacturing facilities in the United States, locating a Sequoia 5.7 engine used is a little simpler for consumers. Using this Got Engines website, a good condition 8-cylinder block an be purchased cheaply.

The decision was made in the year 2008 to revise the 4.7-liter VVT block for the Sequoia. After several years of production, the 3UR-FE block has remained the primary installation inside Toyota sport utility vehicles. Someone just beginning to search on the Internet for a used condition motor should validate compatibility with the 5 and 6-speed automatic gearbox. This is an essential part of selecting correct 5.7L edition.

381 Horsepower Flex Fuel V8

Toyota creates vehicles that are usually ahead of their time when it comes to technologies. The improvement from 282 horsepower to the now 381 was something that has been positive for owners of the Toyota Sequoia brand. The revised block is now supplied in a standard and a flex fuel option for SUVs that use the 3UR-FE motor. Someone comparing retailers for a Sequoia engine replacement cost should verify the dual fuel option.

The builds that are discounted and listed for sale at this website are inventory that has been professionally acquired. Unlike a retailer that sources inventory from low grade affiliates, the Got Engines company ensures that any Toyota Sequoia used motor is supplied only through trusted agencies that include dismantling companies or salvage yards.

3UR-FE Motors With a Warranty

The regular Toyota warranty period is 100,000 or 7 years of ownership. In the preowned engines industry, the powertrain warranties of automotive companies are usually already lapsed. For a person who will buy a replacement, it is sometimes necessary to pay for additional coverage to extend the lifespan of parts. Every build that is marketed on this portal already includes a coverage plan that is supported for 24 months.

By way of an automated system, the used 5.7L Toyota engines for sale that are marketed here are priced individually. No stock numbers, engine codes or types of data other than the actual year of production are required to be submitted. The inventory is already in place and ready to ship. The price verification feature displays what the full price is for every V8 block available. This is an intelligent way to shop on the Internet for a second hand SUV engine that has a low count of miles.

Toyota Highlander 3.5L Engine Used

Highlander SUVs have used the 3.5L V6 engine since the year 2007 for all builds in the United States. Toyota has marketed its crossover vehicles perfectly to consumers who seek out well-built front-mounted motor vehicles. The K platform has proven to be a winner and is currently supported in more than one country. Got Engines sells used Toyota Highlander 3.5L engine inventory at a discount price on this web portal.

The secret behind the power of the 3.5 is the 2GR-FE block. The version installed inside of the Highlander is not the same turbo model used in the Aurion or Lotus vehicles. The trusted 6-cylinder platform featuring VVTi technology was selected by Toyota to boost the 3.5 up to 280 horsepower. The real trick to buying a Toyota Highlander engine is getting one with the least amount of block mileage that is possible.

3.5L V6 24-Valve Toyota Motor

The regular mounting on the 3.5 is a transverse setup. Toyota modified the block to make it easy for all-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive applications to be available. There are a total of 24 valves that are found on the die cast aluminum Toyota Highlander 3.5L V6. The continued technology is based on the 1GR block series that was introduced before the creation of the SUV fleet.

The Toyota 2GR engine is one that has not received too many complaints from owners since its inception. While there have been a few reported issues, there are no major problems that have been detected in diagnostics at dealerships. When someone tries to find a used condition unit for sale, obtaining a build without its share of problems could be an issue that is encountered.

2GRFE Engine for Sale Online

When a vehicle mechanic or SUV owner seeks out a motor dealer, what can be found is more than preowned inventory sellers. While Got Engines does not support rebuilt or remanufactured Toyota engines, there are sellers that do in the USA market. The easy price structures that are being promoted on this website truly make it error-free to buy a used SUV engine on the Internet. The V6 assemblies that are in stock from valid Toyota distributors are all in good shape.

A person who will restore or drop in a 3.5-liter V6 motor can find price data using the tools supported on this page. The use of better web technologies has helped to enable a simpler method of comparing dealer pricing in real time. All price information that is procured on this website is accurate at the time of distribution. A person can use a VIN number or just the model year to begin the process. If data cannot be sourced here, a quick call to the customer support department can identify the current selling price of a used Highlander SUV engine.

VW Beetle Turbo Engine for Sale

The new VW Beetle built from 1998 to 2011 used a turbo engine. This was beyond the standard 1.6-liter model that had been used for decades previously at Volkswagen. With several models produced in the U.S. market, the Turbo S was the most common. A person who understands value and appreciates commitment to quality will find shopping for a VW Beetle turbo engine for sale at this website is effortless.

The new edition Beetle vehicles sold very well in North America even with more than one motor block to choose between. There were a grand total of 3 different versions of the turbo build that was installed in the VW Beetle cars for the 13-year run. These models include the 1.8L, 1.9L TDI and 2.0L.

VW Beetle Engine Codes

Because there were only a few motor blocks in the new Beetle cars, it is a little simpler to identify the code numbers used. This could be handy for a person who will swap out or repair a block. The classifications of codes are split between DOHC, SOHC and turbo diesel versions. Slight changes were made between all of the manufacturing periods hence the differences in codes.

The following codes are represented in the GotEngines.com inventory for sale:


These versions represent the 20-valve or 8-valve combinations of the 1.8-liter through 2.0-liter builds. The process of conducting a VW Beetle engine swap will be a lot easier when the right engine number is selected. The pricing system that is accessible from this page accurately matches VIN and code numbers.

VW Gasoline and Diesel Engines

The inline 4-cylinder gas and inline 4-cylinder diesel VW brands that are for sale at Got Engines have been taken out of supplier inventory in the USA. The companies that provide these models are dismantlers, salvage yards, wrecking yards and other types of businesses. Being true to the auto parts industry and providing only OEM components is another mark of quality.

The horsepower for blocks listed in stock on this page can vary between 100 and 200+. Each model was produced to provide the maximum level of performance to a car owner. The turbo and S series along with special edition versions can be purchased through the inventory here. One thing that should be pointed out in the sale price of each edition is the cost of a warranty. Got Engines continues to supply coverage for components and general wear for all blocks purchased for a two-year period.

Mazda Tribute 3.0L Engines Used

Mazda used the 3.0L in the Tribute to help sell its version of the Ford Escape in the United States. The V6 power upgrade was one of the features that consumers appreciated. The Mazda company helped Ford do amazing things. From production facilities to co-designing vehicle types, the relationship between the two automakers did produce some excellent motor vehicles. There are used Mazda Tribute 3.0L engines always on sale here online.

The full production schedule between 2001 to 2011 showcased the Tribute 3.0 motor in North America. The strong Duratec motor family was the variation hand picked to go inside of the Mazda class of crossover sport utility vehicles. Apart from the U.S. sales, distribution in the Asian and European markets further promoted the offerings of the new class of SUV and CUV vehicles.

3.0-Liter 6-Cylinder Tribute Motors

At the heart of the Duratec 30 build, there are 181 cubic displacement inches. This series was first mass produced by Ford in the year 1996. The DOHC selection paired nicely with the 5-speed G5M gearbox as well as the now retired CD4E assembly. The selection of the 6-cylinder motor is one of the things that Ford-Mazda perfected in the production of 2WD and 4WD SUVs.

The CD2 platform is found in all of the vehicles and prototypes with the Mazda Tribute 3.0 V6 engine series. This change was necessary to accommodate not only the larger wheel base, but the height changes that were part of the crossover vehicle design. The 3.0-liter displacement blocks are one of the many builds that are in stock daily here at the Got Engines company.

Find All V6 Makes and Models

While Ford introduced the Hybrid series of Tribute vehicles, not much changed during the manufacturing schedule of the standard edition Tribute. A person can find almost every make or model of Duratec powered vehicles in the presented inventory. This means that locating a 2001 Mazda Tribute 3.0 engine will take nearly no research time. The procedure that has been picked to help consumers using this website is an all-digital process.

Since there are still people who prefer to call by phone to check pricing, there will always be a toll-free number to call here. The growth of smartphones and tablet PCs has created a revised version of the quotation form on this website. The used Mazda V6 motors that are offered on sale can be quoted through usage of the new price locator program. When shopping on this website, inputting the correct model year is the only work needed to find all second hand 3.0L Tribute motors for sale.

Lincoln MKT 3.7L Engines Used

Lincoln upgraded the MKT engine to a 3.7L in the 2010 year. The D4 platform of SUVs continues to be one that is effective at the Ford Motor Company. As a crossover touring model, the luxury stylings of the MKT have fit well into the needs of consumers who appreciate high quality. Someone seeking a front end motor replacement can buy Lincoln MKT 3.7L engines at sale prices here.

A person conducting research might be confused about the motor families that are used in the late model Lincoln vehicles. While the Ecoboost has taken center stage in recent years, the 3.7-liter V6 is actually part of the Duratec family. Ford now markets this build under the Cyclone name although now uses these blocks with some rear-wheel drive sport utility vehicles.

AWD 260 Horsepower Lincoln MKT 3.7

The miles per gallon is one important aspect to know when trying to buy a replacement SUV motor on the Internet. While automakers perform many tests, actual MPG is based on more than one element. The production years of MKT blocks that can be purchased on this resource does vary. The 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and current manufacturer year editions are in stock. These have been validated with the 6-speed automatic transmission series.

Locating a V8 build from a respected seller does not mean that an OEM warranty plan is in place. There are sellers that do not support any protection for consumers after a 180-day period. Got Engines is one of the few providers of used condition vehicle motors that does warranty blocks for original parts. An exact listing of what is covered is always presented to a person before completing the process of checking out on this portal.

Buy 3.9L Lincoln Used Motor Blocks

Through an arranged inventory, everything that can be viewed in person exists virtually on this website. Proper coordination with suppliers has helped build the available used Lincoln MKT engines that a person will find here. All of the discoveries for stock numbers and price information is found with use of the quote form on this page. This holds all of the Ford Motor Company and subsidiary brands that are retailed to the public.

Everything preowned at this company has been reviewed prior to shipping to a customer. This cuts out any risk of getting something that is not as described. Through salvage partners and dismantling agencies, the quality can be maintained for all MKT V8 engines that are for sale here daily. A person can place an order after reviewing the specs for each product by using the checkout tool. A price is offered and the information about shipping is displayed.

Lincoln LS 3.9L Engine Used

Lincoln mid-size sedans used the 3.9L engine inside the LS from 2000 to 2006 in the United States. These vehicles were part of a luxury division that were based on the Jaguar AJ platform. The 4-door body style was common for most entry-level FR chassis vehicles produced by the Ford Motor Company. Any person using this website can purchase a Lincoln LS 3.0L engine at a sale price.

The heart of the V8 motor is the 240 cubic inch displacement. The 3.9-liter series was the upgrade to the long standing 3.0 V6. Because consumers wanted more power, the decision was made to start offering the larger blocks at the turn of the Millennium. All of the Lincoln builds produced during this period of time were compatible with 5-speed manual and automatic transmissions.

Horsepower and Performance Specs

The engine code for the DOHC 3.9L is AJ35 in the U.S. market. The rated horsepower could be different depending on where a test was performed. The specs include most of what is offered on the Jaguar series including the electronic controlled throttle system. Ford is one of the companies that have included variable valve timing systems for its V8 powered sedan vehicles. This did improve the horsepower in the LS brand from 252 to 280 by the time this vehicle was discontinued.

There were several hundred thousand V8 blocks built for Lincoln automobiles. The trick to finding a good unit is not as simple as browsing the Internet. A trusted way to find a Lincoln LS 3.9 engine for sale is to go through a reputable source like GotEngines.com. Quality levels are maintained and accuracy is always present in the decisions that are made for inventory. Customer service is essential when a person scouts a motor dealer.

Affordable LS Engine Swaps

Anyone who is planning to pull out an AJ35 block in hopes of installing a better one already knows that everything must go right to be effective. There is always an expense involved with an LS 3.9 engine removal process. Keeping costs low and quality high is 50 percent dealer and 50 percent buyer. The already discounted sticker prices for used Lincoln auto engines here helps keep the price of a swap to a minimum.

How inventory is found using this resource is pretty easy to understand. If someone does not want to call the specialist team here, a programmed warehouse tool handles all price distributions. Every preowned V8 motor for a Ford vehicle that is in stock is listed and presented with a price. The prices displayed already include the cost of a warranty replacement parts policy that is in effect for a duration of 24 months after purchase.

Land Rover 4.6L Engine Used OEM Block

The Land Rover vehicles used the 4.6L engine during the 1995 to 2002 production year. While this block has its roots at GM, the UK engineering practices did improve the original specs of the motor. While there is more than one class of vehicle that uses the larger V8 block, a person shopping this Got Engines website will easily locate a used Land Rover 4.6 engine on sale.

There were two variations of the vehicles that used the 8-cylinder block. The Discovery series, known as the Land Rover Discovery, extensively used the 4.6L between 2003 and 2004. This was the regular trim package and not the HSE edition. The Range Rover also a common trim package that required the V8 power that the 4.6 could offer. Buyers who are careful when shopping around will get the best inventory at a good price.

Buying Land Rover Engine Blocks

No motor can be perfected without first having issues. The design flaws and issues with the early 1990s editions of Land Rover motor blocks were corrected in later years. If someone searches the web, it is possible to still find the classic units on sale at some websites. The best builds to purchase that do not have known issues are the model years presented on this website. This will all but guarantee that a Land Rover 4.6 engine swap is flawless.

Condition is one of the things that engine sellers try to pay attention to before the point of sale. When there are variances in suppliers, quality levels can dip and consumers can be disappointed with inventory. Got Engines minimizes risks by utilizing known companies that can supply above average condition used 4.6 Land Rover engine blocks to the public. This builds a better reputation in the second hand components industry.

Find V8 Range Rover Motors Online

Performing a general web search might not bring up important information to know as a buyer. There are plenty of websites that help people determine if a problem in a block is an OEM defect or one that was caused by misuse. To quickly find what is in stock on this portal, start by using the warehouse location system that has been programmed with all inventory that is shippable here. This promotes all VIN numbers and price information.

The purchase of a motor is never complete unless a warranty policy is attached. One method that GotEngines.com uses to provide better choices to consumers is by including its own warranties. As a starter package, a two-year plan for all used Land Rover SUV engines is provided here. This is a high level warranty plan that does not cost extra. Warranty activation is really easy to do once a sale is processed.

1.8 Liter Kia Engine Used

Kia first introduced its 1.8L car engine in the 1992 year. The Sephia received the upgrade from 1.6-liter displacement to the Mazda based BP edition. This front engine design was selected for compatibility with the front-wheel drive train system. One thing that people search for when swapping out a motor block is the correct mileage. Someone can buy a 1.8 liter Kia engine on sale at Got Engines that includes low mileage.

The 4-cylinder block is one that has reigned supreme at the Kia Motors company. While larger builds have been manufactured, many of the sedan and compact cars have been produced with the I4 class of auto engines. One thing to note about the 1.8 motor displacement is that it is in the DOHC build. This means that there are dual cams instead of the regular single cam editions. A dual system is usually preferred by automotive components buyers.

T8D Kia I4 Blocks

There are actually two generations for production of the later 1.8L builds. The first generation refers to the Mazda block while the second generation refers to the T8D build at Kia. Vehicles such as the Sephia, Shuma, Spectra, Cerato and Forte have each used the T8D blocks after the year 2007. These were built to work better with the F4AEL and manual gearboxes.

A person who is hunting down the best sale price for a used Kia car engine can find more than one choice on the web. While people have different methods for finding a used component, an in tact exterior is one of the things to evaluate. When a build has more rust than iron, there will usually be a decrease in the life span. Got Engines is one of the suppliers of automotive motors in I4 builds that are free of most rust and damage to components.

Buy Top Condition Kia Motors

It is the process of good selection that will produce good results when locating a used condition motor block. While the Kia 1.8 engine specs are good to know, what is better to know is where a build comes from in the U.S. There are aftermarket, dismantlers, salvage yards and other companies supplying automobile parts. Viewing a diagram of a motor is not the same as evaluating one in person.

Through a revised MSRP program, what is offered for national purchase is a reduced priced block here. The condition has been noted as well as mileage counts have been deemed accurate. As a precaution, all preowned automobile replacement motors that are listed as on sale here are provided with a warranty. No person who purchases spare motors on the Internet should struggle to find help if a parts issue occurs.