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BMW 635CSI Engines For Sale 

Bring your BMW 635CSI back to life with a replacement engine from GotEngines.com. Now that taxes checks are arriving, you may want to consider a remanufactured BMW 635CSI engine for sale, and get your wheels rolling again. The replacement engines we sell are the perfect compliment to a car of the magnitude of a BMW 635CSI.

From the E24 family, the Series 6 was in production from 1976 to 1989. It is a 2 door coupe using the standard FR [front engine, rear wheel drive] setup. Only two main engines were offered in the BMW 635CSI.

In December of 1986 BMW introduced a new engine control system for the new 3.5L models, equipped with improved third-generation Digital Motor Electronics [DME III]. The third generation DME III became standard equipment in the 1987 635 CSi model. 

For 635 CSi the new DME III offered greater fuel economy, but also more power and torque.

Improved power output for the 3.5 liter, [3430cc] engine was 220 bhp at 5700 rpm and the torque was increased relative to the improvements too. 

The new DME III offered big improvements for their other engines also, new power ratings where up for all engines. This engine was also used in the European model of 735i.

Precision equipment such as BMW engines require more care and precision to remanufacture. BMW is no ordinary car, and their engines are equipped to meet the demands BMW owners make of their cars. Long life and extreme reliability are 2 reasons to buy a BMW. Contrary to popular belief, BMW is not only a status symbol.

Our best selling replacement engines are remanufactured engines, from the ground up. Specially trained rebuilders use original equipment parts to restore each engine to factory specs or better, if any updates are available. The best products always cost less in the long run.

Spend your Tax money wisely. Call the specialists at GotEngines.com and find out which engine option suits your budget best. We sell used engines for those on a budget. Call now. We sell pure value and peace of mind with every BMW 635CSI engine.

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