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BMW M3 Engines for Sale

The BMW M cars were introduced by the Motorsport division of BMW. The first M3 cars were introduced in 1986, badged the Model E30. Four generations of M3 cars have been produced since then and are currently being made. If you arrived here looking for BMW M3 engines for sale, GotEngines.com is your full service specialty car replacement engine company.

The 3.2-liter straight-six was used through generation two and generation three, giving away to a V8 in 2008. The 3.2 has gained fame and respect the world over, picking up a long list of awards and prizes. Awarded several times as the “Engine of the Year” and developing a sweet 315 hp in its last version, this power unit made the BMW M3 not only the ultimate performer in the class of high-performance sports cars, but also a genuine best seller.

The fact still remains, however, that everything has its time.

And the time has come for the six-cylinder to bow out and leave the stage in 2008. The time came for the advent of the new V8 in the new BMW M3.

The specifications of this new high-performance engine alone confirm the enormous power this engine has to offer. Engine displacement is 3,999 cc, [4.0 liter] maximum output is 420 hp. Peak torque of 295 lb-ft is just as impressive as the top engine speed of 8,300 rpm. So clearly, the new BMW M3 was looking to become the leader in performance and luxury.

BMW owners choose their cars wisely. The M3 is a no compromise super performance luxury car. With quality parts and world class craftsmanship. In the event of an engine failure, the choice of engine replacement companies is clear. GotEngines.com has been outperforming the competition by selling Bimmer engines that exceed all expectations.

Exceeding expectations is what BMW owners want, I’m firmly convinced of that. Quality remanufactured engines always cost less than a lesser value product. Which makes the better product less expensive and aggravating in the long run. I fact, in many cases the quality product may not even cost more.

For the type of quality you expect and deserve for your M3, buy your replacement BMW engines from GotEngines.com. We have experienced representatives ready to answer your most difficult questions. Let me recommend one of our scrupulously remanufactured engines for your M3. A decision you won’t regret once you feel how smooth and powerful your replacement engine runs. Call now or complete our quote request form and put our BMW M3 engine under your hood.

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