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Chevy Citation 2.8L Engine

Citation is one of the cars that used the 2.8L engine in the Chevy lineup at the General Motors company. The LE2 block was the motor series that was selected to provide the performance in the compact car series. There were different stylings to the exterior of each citation that were between two and five [...]

Chevy Malibu 3.1 Engine

3.1-liter motors are often found in the Malibu from Chevy in a V6 build. The RPO code of L82 is what can be used to identify this series from other 3.1 build. GM started production on the 3100 block in the early 1990s. It was not until the 1997 year that the Malibu starting sporting [...]

Chevy Beretta 2.0 Engine

The Beretta from Chevy used the 2.0 engine as part of the Generation II manufacturing at General Motors. There were two full years of engineering supplied for the 2.0-liter displacement in the late 1980s. While GM is known for placing its newest technology into motor blocks, the Beretta did benefit from the small improvements made [...]

Used Chevy C2500 Engine

C2500 Chevy trucks used the 4.8 engine starting in the 1998 year. As an upgrade to the terminated C/K series, the 3/4 ton truck were fitted with a larger V8 engine build. Long gone were the days of using the 4.3 as the go-to motor in light-duty trucks at GM. Swapping a truck motor is [...]

Used 3100 Chevy Engine

Chevy cars are one model that used the 3100 engine in the U.S. market. The L82 block was built in the early 1990s as part of GM’s Generation III manufacturing. A better technology known as sequential fuel injection can be found on the 3.1 V6 motors. A person who will buy a used 3100 Chevy [...]

Used 3.7 Chevy Engine

There are a total of 5 cylinders in the 3.7 LLR Chevrolet engines. There are dual versions of the LLR platform that have been used in Colorado and Canyon trucks. For someone thinking about swapping a block, getting a good price for a used 3.7 Chevy engine is a smart move. Using this website is [...]

Used 2.0 Cobalt Engine

In the year 2005, GM introduced its Cobalt to USA car buyers. A 4-cylinder motor known as the L61 was selected to power this vehicle brand. This aluminum cylinder motor is still preferred by many users of smaller General Motors cars. Someone using this website can find a used 2.0 Cobalt engine in good condition [...]

Used 4.8 Tahoe Engine

The Tahoe uses a variant of the L20 block from General Motors. The 4.8 displacement was derived from the Generation IV production series. Even though Vortec blocks are no longer in production, the Tahoe is one of the vehicles most closely associated with the V8 builds. A person replacing an SUV motor can buy used [...]

Used Chevy Caprice 5.7 Engine

The small-block Chevrolet engine is just one of many motors used in the Caprice vehicle series. First produced in 1965, the Caprice quickly became a go-to vehicle brand at General Motors. The 350 cubic-inch motor base provided the V8 power for the majority of years of production for the Chevrolet Caprice. GotEngines.com provides used Chevy [...]

2004 Chevy Venture Engines for Sale

Venture received an eight-year run in the U.S. minivan market courtesy of General Motors. As a replacement for the APV, the Venture relied on a base engine model featuring V6 power. The Got Engines company sells 2004 Chevy Venture engines for sale at a price point better than most second hand sellers on the Internet. The [...]