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Chevrolet Engines, What is SIDI?

Chevy Engines with SIDI @ The Plant

Chevy Engines with SIDI @ The Plant

Direct-injection gasoline engines offer many potential advantages over conventional port fuel-injected engines for achieving vehicle fuel economy while meeting strict emission standards. Some of the potential benefits of spark-ignition direct-injection (SIDI) engines include improved thermal efficiency, better transient response, and greater displacement-specific power. However, it does come with its share of cons as well, not being able to meet with the emission tests, high cost of the engine and sufficient amount of sensitivity towards contaminants and poisons.

Yet still, SIDI engine technology is well suited to both conventional and hybrid vehicles and can be implemented without any changes in infrastructure or consumer behavior. Vehicles with SIDI engines have 10% improvement in torque and as much as 20% fuel economy benefit compared to current PFI (Port Fuel Injection) engines.

As spark-ignition direct-injection becomes more popular in modern cars, we expect to see variations of this system be developed for the other brands of cars. Most of the foreign car engines use a form of SIDI with their own trade name.

The pros outweigh the cons of this system as we develop more cost effective ways to make it cost less to produce and eliminate the cons.

Chevy Motors introduced its new and most powerful Ecotec 2.0-liter direct injection turbo engine in the 2007 Saturn Sky Red Line. The Ecotec 2.0-liter Turbo was developed with the global resources of GM Powertrain in the United States and Europe, drawing on expertise from the naturally aspirated Ecotec 2.2-liter direct injection engine used in some European applications and the 2.0-liter turbocharged engines already in production.

This new Ecotec family member also has traits that have helped forge a reputation for durability and sophistication:

* Dual overhead camshafts (DOHC) and four valves per cylinder
* Twin counter-rotating balance shafts for operational smoothness
* Electronic throttle control
* Low-friction, roller-finger follower valvetrain with hydraulic lash adjusters
* Low-maintenance chain-drive for the camshafts
* 58X crankshaft positioning
* Direct-mount accessories, which reduce or eliminate traditional sources of noise and vibration
* Full-circle transmission mount to reduce noise and vibration
* GM Oil Life System, which can reduce the frequency of oil changes
* Innovative cast-in oil filter housing, which eliminates the need to crawl under the vehicle to perform oil changes and eliminates throwaway oil filter cans that retain used oil.

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