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Chevy 4.8 Engine

4.8 Chevy Engine

Vortec engines are now past the third generation in the U.S. General Motors builds the 4800 engine series in LR4 builds inside the U.S. and Canada. These truck engines first were debuted in the 1999 year. The Chevy 4.8 engine inventory that Got Engines sells is ready for immediate truck installs. If you’re a Chevy truck owner, you can easily benefit from the type of motors that you can find for sale right here. You’ll never buy an auction engine again after viewing the low sticker pricing here.

The standard horsepower inside the 4800 Vortec engine block ranges from 255 and 285. The increased power in units produced after 2001 is evident in the 4.8 units we supply. Any owner of a truck or van using the Vortec base already knows what these units can do on the open road. General Motors has launched additional engines in 4800 blocks for mid 2000 series engines. You’ll find these LY2 motors ready for sale direct on this page.

Preowned Chevy 4.8 Engine Specs

The standard edition 4.8 motors do offer a lot of horsepower. These units also offer one of the biggest spreads in the amount of torque for a medium-duty truck. The Romulus, MI builds that are featured in our inventory are meant for stability. We do sell the Canadian built versions too. The specs for all Vortec motors go through our our in-house evaluation series. This helps to prevent the distribution of engines that are not up to par for consumers. All of the V8 Generation III motors for sale here are excellent builds.

These classic Vortec builds are featured inside our inventory to help customers find a used motor for a good price. These are in addition to the new types of Chevrolet engines GM is now using in the truck series. If you’re serious engine buyer, you’ll find that our commitment to customer service is one that is hard to beat. A preowned motor can be a good or bad thing to buy depending on the source. Getting your hands on a great unit from the Got Engines inventory will guarantee your assurance. Our team works extra hard to acquire inventory that is above and beyond what other companies sell in the U.S.

Chevy 4.8 Engine Price Quote

Each 4.8 Chevrolet truck or van motor that is featured here is quoted online. Take a second of your time and get started working with our quotes tool. It’s simple to use and won’t waste time. If you’re uncomfortable using online systems, you’ll enjoy using our toll-free phone system. You’re instantly linked with a trained member of our engine staff. Explain to the person who answers your call that you need a 4.8 Vortec. Basic information will be asked of you and a price is automatically generated.

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