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Chevy Caprice Engine

caprice engine

The Caprice by Chevrolet was built for more than 30 years inside the U.S. This classic vehicle brand is no longer in production although engines are available. Some of the classic engines built by GM were used inside of the Caprice. Finding replacement motors for this series is not a challenge using the GotEngines.com company. The small-block series and newer edition V6 motors are available. Nearly any size Chevy Caprice engine is offered through this resource.

Chevrolet introduced the Caprice to the American market in 1964. The small-block engines used during this period were some of the largest in size. These engines started as the 6.5 and 7.0 for the Caprice. The change in the 1970s to building more fuel efficient builds changed the motors in the Caprice. The larger Oldsmobile base engines were changed between the 1970s to the late 1990s to smaller V6 blocks.

Used Chevrolet Caprice Motors: V6 and V8 Builds

Although the Caprice was terminated as a vehicle brand in 1996, many of the engines used in this series remain for sale. GM installed several engine types inside the Caprice through the 1990s. The 4.1 is one of the largest V6 builds and the 5.0 and 5.7 are some of the largest V8 blocks. The trusted 3.8 Buick series and 4.3 Vortec were some of the late model builds used before the termination of the Caprice in the U.S.

Warranties for used GM engines are easy to find here. Holden took over in 2000 for the production of the Caprice although these units are sold in foreign countries. The next best thing to taking care of OEM parts comes from a dealer warranty. The GotEngines.com warranty program is known worldwide. Every V6 or V8 block engine always includes a warranty plan. This provides a no charge way of protecting much of the original parts on used engines.

Chevy Caprice Engine Price Quotes

21st century tools are utilized for buyers of replacement motors through this resource. Long gone are the days of exploring more than one Chevy engines dealer to find pricing online. A quick quote system is used to promote all pricing that is attached to engines in the company warehouse. This quotation system is the preferred method of price discovery for U.S. parts buyers. Every GM engine in stock apart from Chevy builds are quoted in this manner online

A phone support number is now promoted for customer service in the U.S. Every V6 and V8 motor for Chevrolet motor vehicles is quoted by phone too. A specialist available at the GotEngines.com company provides prices upon request. These specialists lookup the entire inventory available as well as provide mileage information. Knowing the mileage before buying used engines is essential. All warranted motors quoted are accurate in price and ready for same day shipments.

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