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Chevy Equinox Engines LY7, LNJ, LF1, LAF

Chevy has produced the Equinox since 2004. It is the first crossover vehicle from General Motors. It is a front wheel drive vehicle with a 4 wheel drive option. It is not designed for serious four wheeling, however. GotEngines.com has every Chevy Equinox engine for sale ever made, at affordable every day prices.

From 2004 to 2005 Chevy made the Generation 1 Equinox. It used two different engines. A 3.4 liter engine called the LNJ, a V6 engine. The other engine is a 3.6 liter V6, the LY7. All are light weight engines, designed to save fuel and increase the cars overall life.

The LNJ is 204 cubic inches or 3500 cubic centimeters in size. It is manufactured in China and imported to the US. It uses electronic throttle control and makes 185 horsepower.

The LY7 has 3.6 liters, 3600 cc, or 224 cubic inches. It was made in over 10 different versions to fit lots of other GM applications. Sometimes called a High Feature [HFV6] engine using DOHC [double overhead camshafts], Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection, and Continuously Variable Cam Timing to produce plenty of power.

In 2009, the second Generation Equinox was introduced with 2 entirely different engines. A 2.4 liter, inline 4 cylinder engine [LAF], and a 3.0 liter V6 engine [LF1], a V6 engine with direct injection.

The LAF engine makes more than the normal power than other engines of this size by making use of more compression and better flowing intake systems. The LF1 has 3 liters and is part of the High Feature engine family [HFV6]. Being made out of ”alloytech”, a lightweight aluminum alloy, it only weighs 370 pounds, which is a big weight savings over cast iron block engines.

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