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Chevy Traverse Engines for Sale

Another new stylish full sized SUV crossover vehicle hits the market. The Chevy Traverse was introduced recently, in 2008 in North America. It’s fairly luxurious and can carry up to seven or eight people [small people]. Only one engine is offered in America to this point. Unusual as it may seem, to be in need of an engine for a new model car, GotEngines.com has Chevy Traverse Engines for Sale at competitive pricing.

When I use the word engine in the plural, my intention is to convey that although only one model engine is available, it can be purchased in several forms as a replacement engine. It is unusual for a Traverse to need a replacement engine since they are newer cars, but factors out of ones control often contribute to a premature engine failure. A bad oil leak, or unexpected overheating of the engine.

The only engine offered is the LLT engine. it is 3.6 liters or 3500cc in size
and uses double overhead camshafts. A V6 engine with VVT and direct fuel injection. GM calls it a “High Feature V6”.

The traverse is also a front wheel drive vehicle, known a a transverse mounting system. The engine and transmission mount sideways under the hood.

The available engine options are:
1. Rebuilt or remanufactured engines or motors. This is the most cost effective and thorough way to replace a worn out or broken engine. Rebuilt to factory standards with better than new parts. Using all available and approved updates.

2. New Crate engines are the top of the line choice as a replacement engine. Call for information and pricing. They are brand new, and packed in a factory shipping crate, hence, crate engines. We sell crate engines well below factory prices. A viable option for a newer cars.

3. Low mileage used engines are very popular sellers because there are very few hi mileage used Traverse engines in the field, simply because the Traverse is only 3 years old. We sell some really low mileage engines which are a great value for anyone, especially if you are on a budget.

It is not a hard choice to make with the assistance of one of our service professionals. Our experts are trained to listen to your problem in full before any recommendations are made. Listening is an art form. We listen first, then provide a solution that suits your interest best. Trust GotEngines.com. Call Now.

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