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V6 Chevy Engines

V6 Chevy Engines

V6 Chevy Engines

General Motors was the first company to develop and offer V6 engines in the United States. The first V6 GMC engines went in GMC models of the 1960 truck. GMC was a truck line only in 1960. The American car the Buick Special of 1961 was the next vehicle and first car to use a V6 in the US.

GM temporarily lost interest in the V6 design and sold the Buick design Jeep in 1967. If you remember the oil embargo of the early ’70’s, it was in that time period the V6 was reintroduced. GM realized that a V6 engine would be an realistic compact alternative to the bulky inline six and V8 engines, so GM re-introduced the design and created what would eventually become the popular 3800cc V6 line.

Since that time General motors has led the way in America with there ever growing and continuing development of the line of V6 engines. Below is a time line and list of all of the GM V6 engines.

1. 1960-2008 Buick V6 or the 3800
2. From 1960- to 1978 GMC truck V6 motors
3. From1977 to current Chevrolet 90-Degree V6 engines
4. From 1979 through present, the GM 4.3l (non vortec) 60-Degree V6
5. From 1994 through 2005 General Motors 54 degrees V6
6. From 1998 through 2002 GM model LX5 V6
7. From 2003- to present GM 4.3l V6

Looking for a V6 Chevy engine? Want to learn more about which model engine is in your vehicle and what type of replacement engine suits your needs? It is important to learn something about the field first.

Figuring out the exact match replacement engine is easy. All we need is the vehicle identification number (VIN) and we can identify it ASAP. The real decision comes when it’s time to decide what configuration of engine is in your best interests.

Lets make this simple. You have a few choices in engines for sale to replace a worn out or broken engine. First choice would be good used engines, one with low mileage is preferable. Used engines that have passed our testing procedure can be counted on for lots of good service at a reasonable price. Ask about JDM engines. Now that is a great value for foreign cars.

Rebuilt engines, sometimes called remanufactured, or refurbished are a slightly more costly choice. Since they are rebuilt and upgraded with better and more efficient parts where necessary will give you better life than the original engine and run more efficiently with solid upgrades.

Last, we sell crate engines. Crate engines are a great choice for someone who wants a brand new engine, a customized specialty engine or an engine for a hot rod.

The best suggestion is to call and speak with a trained representative. We have plenty of time to educate you and help you decide which one of our Chevy engines is in your best interests. Call now, 1-866-320-1065 and find out why this is ” Where Our Customers Send Their Friends”. GotEngines.com

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