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Crate Engines: Like Music To My Ears

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I have a friend with a 1968 Chevelle SS396. He was owned this car since the early ’70’s. It never occured to him the car would be worth a fortune someday, he just loves his car, and it’s 100% original too. Which makes it an [...]

Ford Crate Engines

Ford Crate engines For Sale @ GotEngines.com

Are you curious about Crate engines? It is not quite as well known to the public as a term most people use for replacement engines, such as ‘used’ or ‘rebuilt’. Anybody looking for a ‘new’ engine may want to consider a crate engine. Don’t get [...]

LS-3 6.2L Crate Engines

Crate Engines-LS-Series...GotEngines.com

The LS1 engines were a completely new design utilizing some of the best engine experts in the industry. Designed to meet and exceed the conditions of today’s market. A terrific addition to the Chevy engine line. Although it is called a GM Global engine because it is used in all [...]

Muscle Car Owners Request Crate Engines

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One request that is starting to pick up some steam are people looking for original equipment crate engines for muscle cars as old as the ’60’s. Maybe that’s a sign the economy is a bit better. Muscle car owners can be choosy to [...]

Buy Blueprinted Chevy 383 Stroker Crate Engines

Blueprinted Crate Engines for Sale

When it comes to building a hot rod car or truck, the one thing tI can’t wait for is deciding which one of the many crate engines to choose from. Choosing the right engine is the name of the game. The raw [...]

Turbo Diesel Crate Engines Sales Center

A great deal of the turbo diesel crate engines we sell go to small business owners who count on their vehicles to make a living. So when a major failure like an engine for instance happens, good products and fast service have to happen in order to solve the problem. It’s not like every small [...]

Chevy LT1 Crate Engines on Sale for Less

LT1 Chevrolet Crate Engines 5.7L

In 1992, GM brought to life a new-generation of small-block Chevy engine called the LT1. It displaced 5.7 L or 350 cu inches and was a conventional 2-valve pushrod design. The LT1 used a reverse-flow cooling system which cooled the cylinder heads first, maintaining lower cylinder temperatures [...]

Crate Engines for Sale

Crate Engines for Sale

What are crate engines? Crate engines are replacement engines purchased new or custom rebuilt and complete, shipped in wooden or plastic crates. These engines can be standard or high performance engines and are often purchased when drivers do not want to rebuild the current engines, or when they [...]