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Crate Engines For Sale

Crate Engines For Sale @ GotEngines.com

Crate Engines For Sale @ GotEngines.com

”Crate engines” are generally brand new engines from the factory in a ”crate” or suitable container. The term is derived from new engines packaged in crates for shipping and storage from the factory for resale.

Crate engines come in a variety of forms. Although the term in our case refers to mostly new engines that are considered to be stock original replacement equipment. Lots of crate engines sold are for vintage and muscle cars and hot rod applications. In certain cases, on non production engines, a crate engine may be rebuilt only by a company certified by APRA (American Parts Remanufacturers Association). Which means lots of crate motors go into the 1960’s hot rods like the Camaro in the picture. The engine in that picture is an L-72 version of the 427 cubic inch Chevrolet. 425 raw horsepower.

As you can see, very popular with the hot rod bunch. Also popular as an upgrade for vehicles that do hard work such as towing a trailer or boat. For some added power crate engines are becoming quite popular with many customers examining all of their choices in engines. For the longest lasting solution to any engine replacement issue a crate engine fits the bill.

If you own a commercial vehicle and need more power, the upgraded, high performance versions can be purchased specially tailored to meet your exact needs. The rule is that crate engines are prepared to meet the demands of people who are keeping their older cars or doing restoration work too. We sell more of them then ever.

Regardless of your situation or particular needs, you can speak with a trained sales representative about our assortment of crate engines and have your questions answered in a realistic manner.

GotEngines.com outperforms the competition by supplying the finest crate engines one can buy. We are available to discuss your needs and help you decide if a crate engine is in your best interests. If not we sell all other types of replacement engines too, which means that we have your needs covered no matter what they are. Call us Now at 1-866-320-1065.

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