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353 Diesel

Diesel 353 Engines For Sale @ GotEngines.com

Diesel 353 Engines For Sale @ GotEngines.com

Looking for Caterpillar or ‘Cat’ diesel engines? Maybe you ended up in the right spot for a change. We are a full service engine dealer. Large, heavy duty stationary diesel engines are engines, so you are in the appropriate place. The subject of Cat engines is more than anyone can fit in one article. after you read this vibe, call the phone number at the end and speak with some who can make some sense out of this issue.

In the year 1957, the first in-line 6-cylinder 353 was put into production. The first of a new family of Cat engines, only to have an incredible 33 year production run. A V8 (D379), V12 (D398) and a V16 (D399) were also put into production.

The amount and unusual variety of applications the the now outdated, yet very usable 353 diesel was used for was simply amazing. For the most part it was used in stationary equipment such as cranes, bulldozers, tractors, and in remote areas where reliability was a big issue.

A really cool vibe about these engines was that when a 353 finally needs a rebuild, it was not necessary to remove the engine from the frame and take it to a factory. It was designed so that it could be refreshed ”in the chassis”. The beauty of this is that in remote locations where it is often nearly impossible to move such a big heavy object to a factory for repair, the engines could be refreshed or fixed in the actual devise it was being used in.

That was the beginning of the ”in chassis” rebuild, which is still the most common way to rebuild an over the road semi engine, or on site generator engine. An important move in the serviceability direction.

If you want to talk diesel engines, Caterpillar 353 diesels in particular, give one of our experts a call and test his knowledge. Stump the swamis at GotEngines.com, I doubt it. We do not arbitrarily choose our sales representatives. We choose them by knowledge and desire to keep up to date. We also like to retain someone who has been in the diesel engine business long enough to know what a D353 is.

The subject of heavy duty diesel engines for sale is quite complicated as you can see, deal with the most knowledgeable engine supplier in the USA. Get the information you need to make a qualified decision. Call us anytime @ 1-866-320-1065 and let us provide the education you need to make a superior decision. GotEngines.com

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