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Buy Caterpillar 3126B Diesel Engines

The Caterpillar 3126B engine is an inline-six, three-valve, four-stroke, turbocharged HEUI (hydraulic electronically-controlled unit injection) diesel. The 3126B engine has the highest output of the Caterpillar mid-range diesel engines, and ranks just below the smallest of their heavy-duty diesel engines.

 Customers who buy our Caterpillar 3126B Diesel Engines tell us how wonderful the whole engine experience was.

Standard equipment includes a full-range electronic governor, a gear-driven oil pump, a gear-driven compressor, dual thermostats, copper-bonded bearings, a regrindable crankshaft, two-piece articulated pistons, and forged-steel connecting rods.

Although there are many common parts between the 3126 and the 3126B, the big difference is in the cylinder head. The cylinder head is a gray iron casting with a thicker top deck to add strength, and the crossflow cylinder head has been specifically redesigned to improve emissions.

The specifications are:

Emissions –
IMO compliant
Bore – 110 mm/4.33 in
Stroke – 127 mm/5.0 in
Displacement – 7.2 L/442 cu. in
Aspiration – Turbocharged-aftercooled
Governor – Electronic
Rotation (from flywheel end) – Counterclockwise
Compression – 15.5:1
Liquid capacities:
Cooling system 39.0 L/10.3 gal
Lube oil system at refill – 25.0 L/6.6 gal
Oil Change Interval – 500 hrs
Caterpillar DEO 10W30 or 15W40
Engine weight, net dry
Turbocharged-Aftercooled – 822 kg/1812 lb

The HEUI system in the Cat 3126B diesel has been updated and now has improved fuel injectors. This is Cat’s first use of the innovative three-valve design and engine airflow has been improved to the point that the 3126B can meet 1998 EPA/CARB standards, as well as Canadian emission standards, without the use of aftertreatments. The improved design allows easier removal of the injector, and facilitates access to the valve covers.

Three different Schwitzer turbocharger configurations are available on this engine, giving a range of 175-330 horsepower. All configurations use Cat’s air-to-air aftercooling system.

In the 1950’s, Cat became a subsidiary of its parent company Caterpillar. Cat has maintained the commitment to quality and service that established Caterpillar in the industry. Their commitment to providing customers with superior products and outstanding customer service is very evident in this well-built diesel engine. The Cat 3126B workhorse of an engine has so many features and upgrades that it is actually in a class with medium heavy-duty diesel engines. Although it is no longer in production, Caterpillar still supports the 3126B diesel engine and they can be purchased from dealers around the world.

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