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Used Cummins Engines

Used Cummins Engines

Used Cummins Engines

Looking for a used Cummins Engine? Or do you have a fleet of trucks with Cummins diesel engines and need multiple engines, or a reliable supplier who has inventory ready to ship ASAP? We have built our used engines business around supplying construction equipment, commercial over the road trucks and Dodge pickups with certified ‘good’ used engines.

Cummins is well known for providing ultra reliable power for the largest demolition equipment and the giant trucks used in strip mining operations. They produce engines that operate remote stationary equipment such as oils rigs and equipment in isolated places where reliability is the most important facet. Sometimes remote motors are transported in awkward manners to isolated areas in the world.

Dodge chose Cummins to produce both versions of the inline six cylinder diesel engine used in their pickup trucks. Time has proven how reliable an engine built to handle serious usage can be, that Dodge had a good idea. Believe it or not, light duty trucks comprise an amazing 20 percent of what Cummins produces now.

Their strong point, until their interest in light duty engines, happens to be large equipment. Engines for cement mixers, ‘semi’ over the road trucks, giant cranes that help build multi story buildings and many more items than I can’t think of.

Buying used Cummins diesel engines is one of the ways smart business owners avoid some of the pitfalls of a poor economy. Paying a fraction of the cost of renewing an engine, the value is clearly found in the money savings. A road truck might go over 500,000 miles before it needs a rebuild. Buying a used engine with less than 100,000 miles on it for a small percentage of the cost of a rebuilt engine is a quality that the smart bean-counters understand and practice.

We are working for a major fleet company who owns over 100 semi trucks and want to purchase engines from us. The main reason is not cost either. Although our prices are very competitive. They buy from us because we sell certified used engines with a terrific warranty. Ask about it when you call.

My suspicion is that anyone who is here looking for good used diesel engines produced by Cummins already has an idea of exactly what you want. We enjoy dealing with folks who already know about the products they are interested in. If you need assistance call us at 1-866-320-1065 and speak with a diesel engine expert, hipped up on all of the nuances of Cummins diesels.

By the way, if a used engine is not what you are looking for, we also sell Rebuilt Cummins Engines too.

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