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Cummins ISM Diesel Engines for Sale

The Cummins ISM Sets The Bar For High Performance Diesel Engines

The beauty of the Cummins ISM diesel engines for sale rests in its ability to satisfy every emissions requirement without special fuels or expensive after-treatments. This inline six engine is perfect for heavy duty trucks, shuttle buses, emergency vehicles, and recreational vehicles.

When it’s compared to the competition the ISM has fewer parts so the maintenance costs are lower, and thanks to Cummins superior diesel engine technology the road performance is exceptional. But, the biggest plus for some engine aficionados is the fuel efficiency produced by advanced air-handling technology and the electronically controlled fuel system.

Performance is a buzz word that has meaning when the features of the ISM are analyzed. The Variable Geometry Turbocharger produces less turbo lag and quicker throttle responses. The SmartTorque feature automatically adds an additional 100 lb-ft of torque in the top two gears, which means fewer shifts and better fuel economy.

With ratings of 1500 lb-ft torque and 500 hp the Power-to Weight-Ratio is considered exceptional and the fully integrated compression braking adds to the engine’s performance. Some vehicles need the Rear Engine Power Take-off feature especially when double-duty efforts are required. The Cummins ECM feature also increases the performance of all the subsystems that are vital to the engine.

Low Maintenance and Fuel Economy are By-Products of the ISM Diesel

Cummins has spent an enormous amount of money and time researching and developing innovative diesel engines that are cost effective in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance. The ISM diesel is an outstanding example of their efforts. Several features incorporated in the engine target fuel consumption. The Gear Down Protection encourages drivers to operate in the top two gears and that reduces fuel consumption, plus the idle control focuses on idle time, idle speed, PTO utilization, and engine shutdown which helps save fuel.

The Cruise Control and Road Speed Governor settings optimize performance as well as fuel consumption and the articulated piston design with the aluminum skirt and forged steel crown allow for higher top ring piston which increases fuel efficiency.

The ISM is designed using functional simplicity which means the maintenance intervals are longer and the cost of replacement parts is lower. A self-tension belt drive system, mid-stop cylinder liner, and the Fleetguard Filtration Technology reduce belt maintenance and oil drain intervals as well as optimize lube design, which means less maintenance costs. The water-in-fuel sensor is another powerful feature and when all these features are combined with the other engine specs the ISM diesel is an engine force to be reckoned with.

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