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The N14: A Versatile Workhorse in the Cummins Engine Line.

The N14 is one of Cummins most popular engines and it has powered almost everything that needed extra horsepower. Motor homes, over the road trucks, mining equipment, and generators have all been equipped with the N14 because of its versatility. The basic 855 cubic inch Cummins engine design was used to build the N14, but in the early 1990s the engine was redesigned with electronic controls in order to meet EPA standards.

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The computerized N14 featured a Celect Fuel System with electronic injectors and an electronic control module (ECM). The Cummins ECM controlled fuel at the electronic injectors, but the injectors were still cam activated. The upgraded N14 engine with the Celect Fuel System was released in 1997. It had more parameters for customer fine tuning even though it didn’t look that much different from the original N14.

The N14 engine was phased out of the Cummins line and replaced by the ISX, and it became the next generation in high horsepower and emission compliant engines. Nonetheless, the 330 to 525 horsepower N14 with 1250 ft lbs and 1850 ft lbs of torque at 1200 revolutions per minute still helps vehicles get that extra push off the line with heavy loads.

The Engine Specifications on the N14 Tell an Interesting Story

The N14 has an intake value clearance of .014 and an exhaust valve clearance measuring .027, plus the normal firing order of the six cylinder engine is one, five, three, six, two, and four. Oil pressure measures 10 pounds per square inch while the engine is idling, and 25 pounds per square inch at 2500 RPMs. The fuel pressure measures twenty-five psi while cranking, and one hundred and twenty psi at 1200 RPMs.

The advanced electronic control module with cruise control is similar to control modules on smaller vehicles that increase fuel economy. The ECM feature also monitors pressure gauges and valve timing as well as ignition components in the engine. The Celect Fuel System manages fuel-to-air flow.

Cummins recommends changing oil filter every 12,000 miles as well as the coolant and fuel filters. The valves should be serviced every 120,000 miles or every 3,000 hours or two years, whichever comes first. 

Even though the Cummins N14 was discontinued in 2000 it still powers generators as well as other vehicles thanks to its reliable service record over the last forty plus years. Most engine aficionados call it one of the most versatile diesel engines in the industry.

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