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Cummins QSB5.9 Diesel Engines for Sale

All Marine Diesel Engines Are Not Created Equal

It’s easy to see that the Cummins QSB5.9 has deep marine roots in terms of the latest diesel technology. The QSB5.9 is the grandson of the 6BTA5.9 which has a proven track record in the marine engine division. Grandson or not, GotEngines.com has Cummins QSB5.9 Diesel Engines for Sale.

The QSB5.9 heritage is obvious when the common rail high pressure fuel system eliminates the white or black smoke that’s prevalent with other marine engines. The fuel system also improves fuel economy and the engine noise is significantly reduced. The cylinder head has four valves per cylinder which means there’s more acceleration power and torque. The 425, 440 and 480 horsepower models use a larger heat exchanger and the wastegated turbocharger on the 440 and the 480 models give the engine that extra boost when it’s needed.

The QSB5.9 also has a Cummins low profile center sump oil pan and the water pump, oil cooler, and after-cooler are designed to increase the performance of the engine. The fuel system and lubrication system are front-mounted spin on a Fleetguard filter. A 12 volt as well as a 24 volt electrical system is available.

In terms of emissions the QSB5.9 is RCD, IMO, and EPA tier 2 compliant. There’s a sea water heat exchange cooling system, and a Keel cooled cooling system is also available. The engine is equipped with a C-cruise control package, electronic throttle and shifts, and back-up throttles. The Smart-Craft digital displays or the analogue gauges provide the data on engine load, oil pressure, and engine speed.

The Smart-Craft Vessel Integration System monitors vessel speed, depth, vessel range, temperature, rudder position, and other vital signs.

QSB5.9 Dimensions and Fuel Consumption

The QSB5.9 weighs 1350 lbs and 40.8 inches long, 32.9 inches wide and 34.6 high. In terms of fuel consumption the QSB5.9 performs better than expected. The 380 horsepower engine burns 10.4 gallons per hour at 2400 RPMs. The 440 burns 12.8 GPH at 2400 RPMs; the 480 burns 13.8 GPH at 2400 RPMs, and 16.7 GPH at 3000 RPMs.

Boat options do have an impact on fuel consumption. Options like hard tops, water temperature, altitude, propeller condition, engine and boat condition, and weather and sea conditions can change fuel economy.

Overall the QSB5.9 is a powerful marine engine that continues to provide years of service when it is properly maintained. Cummins stands behind its engines with respected warranties that cover issues that are not the result of neglect or abuse. GotEngines.com

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