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Detroit 12.7L Diesel Engines for Sale

Detroit 12.7L Diesel Engines for sale

Detroit 12.7L Diesel Engines for sale

The Series 60 engines designed and manufactured by Detroit Diesel have been produced for almost 24 years now. That in itself is a good measurement of how to determine a products worth, the test of time. These particular models of Detroit 12.7L Diesel Engines for sale are the most popular ‘on highway’ engines Detroit Diesel makes. All are inline 6 cylinder diesel engines.

The series 60 departed from most on highway diesel engines by using an overhead camshaft engine design [OHC], and having full “drive by wire” electronic controls. The 12.7 liter engine was discontinued in 2007 to make way for the larger 14.0 liter engine now in production.The 12.7 liter Detroit Diesel Series 60 became the engine for motor-coach and charter bus applications. Having a tremendous amount of smooth usable power at low RPM’s [revolutions per minute].

To comply with the 2007 EPA regulations the Detroit Diesel features an improved cooling EGR system and after-treatment system made up of an oxidation catalyst and particulate filter. The 2007 engine features DDEC VI electronics. Other things include, the high-pressure dual solenoid injectors allowing for improved fuel control and fewer exhaust emissions.

The engine also features a one-piece piston in a closed oil gallery chamber, improved oil ring cooling, allowing higher compression ratios, an electronic variable geometry turbocharger, and crankcase oil separator.

One of the features on highway truckers enjoy are extended service intervals. Cutting down on time consuming service stops and expenses. The Series 60 has also successfully crossed over into the off-highway markets. The Series 60 delivers up to a maximum 825 horsepower and is available for Truck, Bus, Construction & Industrial, Generator Sets, and Marine applications.

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