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Detroit 60 series 14.0 Diesel Engines For Sale

The 14 Liter Diesel Sets a High Performance Bar

The inline 6 cylinder, Detroit 60 series 14.0 Diesel Engines For Sale have deep roots in the big vehicle performance category. The 14 liter replaced the series 60, 12.7 liter engine in 2007 because Detroit is constantly pushing the envelope on diesel technology. The advanced fuel system, the DDEC Vl electronic system, and the electronic VGT turbocharger make this addition to the Detroit line-up a formidable diesel competitor.

The one piece piston helps the engine meet new emission standards. The piston improves fuel economy and it enables better cold engine performance. The closed oil gallery reduces oil consumption as well as friction, and there’s a higher compression ratio with lower ring/liner wear. Improved ring cooling and reduced oil soot loading add to the reliability of the 14.0 liter diesel.

But, the cylinder head air-flow really makes an impact on the economy and the performance of the 14 liter when it’s pulling it weight in day-to-day road activities. The exhaust gas recirculation system actually water-cools and re-circulates exhaust, and the after-treatment system cleans exhaust before air renters the atmosphere. The maintenance free crankcase oil separator does its duty by reducing oil consumption, and the electronically controlled high pressure injector pumps improve the end-of-injection quality.

The exhaust gas re-circulation cooler with smooth tube technology reduces the total volume of the part and increases the overall performance of the engine, plus the simplified stainless steel housing with less welding improves durability as well as efficiency.

The Ten Pound Weight Reduction Makes a Difference

Thanks to new diesel engine parts, the series 60 14 liter engine weighs in at 2,840 pounds and has a compression ratio of 17:1. The 425 horsepower version has 1450 ft lbs of torque at 1800 RPMs and the 500 horsepower model has 1650 ft lbs of torque.

The 14 liter engine has been tested over millions of miles. The two year warranty on the engine parts and labor as well as the 2 year, 100,000 mile on accessories, plus the five year, 500,000 warranty on major components give fleet operators that extra sense of protection they need to produce the results they expect.

The 14 liter diesel engine has made an impressive impact in the diesel engine category. Fleet operator bottom line profits continue to improve as the 14.0 series 60 engine ages gracefully. All it takes is proper care and maintenance. Remanufactured Detroit 60 series 14.0 Diesel Engines For Sale are less expensive in the long run.

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