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Value Plus..Land Rover Diesel Engines For Sale

Diesel Engines For Sale. Land Rover Engines

Diesel Engines For Sale. Land Rover Engines

Land Rover Discovery has a new engine out, It’s codename is Storm, being installed in the vehicles are labeled “Td5″.

This is anline 5-cylinder diesel engine with an OHC with single rocker ramp and Hydraulic lifters. Hi pressure electronic fuel injectors are controlled by a high tech computer system. The camshaft and oil pump are chain driven (which is a good thing)
Built right into the vehicle is an Integrated oil cooler and a brand new super advanced computer system.

By the mid-1990s the Rover Group knew it needed to produce some new designs that would be able to meet emissions legislation for the foreseeable future. The recently-released K-Series gasoline engine fits the bill. But Rover had no diesel engines suitable for both its cars and its 4×4s.

Rover then decided to engineer a new diesel engine design to be produced in various forms for all of Rover’s needs. Project Storm’s design and responsibility was that of Land Rover who were to build the engines. The Storm utilized Electronic Unit Injection by Lucas and an aluminum cylinder head on a cast-iron block. The overhead camshaft operates both valves and the injectors and is chain-driven. The Storm design engines come in 4, 5 and 6-cylinders. Only the 5-cylinder version made it to production as the power-plant for the Defender and the new Discovery Series II as the ‘Td5′ in 1998. Offering more power and better manners than the 300Tdi the Td5 greatly improved the market appeal of the Discovery. Early engines suffered from flaws causing premature engine failure in many cases. Although these faults were fixed within 2 years of the engine production and the Td5 is now the most reliable engine Rover offers. The engine has proved itself on numerous expeditions in hostile terrain. The engines’ mechanical strength and electronic control systems makes the Td5 much more tunable than the older engines.

The resurgence of Land Rover in last 12 years means more people will need replacement engines. You can expect the best quality rebuilt Land Rover engines from GotEngines.com at very affordable pricing, considering the value we build into each engine sold. Allow us to assist you with any questions or your needs in relation to Land Rover engines. Call now 1-866-320-1065.

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