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SRT-4 Turbo For Sale

SRT-4 Turbo For Sale

SRT-4 Turbo For Sale

The Dodge SRT-4 was the second fastest factory stock production Chrysler vehicle, and one of the fastest Dodges made since the late ’60’s and ’70’s. Even with such intense acceleration for an inexpensive car, the Dodge Neon SRT-4 introduced in 2003, costs under $20,000. SRT is an acronym for “Street and Racing Technology”. The SRT-4 engine is 2.4 liters and has a turbo. While both turbo and non turbo engines may be nearly identical in most other ways, the engine and SRT-4 turbo for sale are as one unit only, in most cases.

In a Car and Driver Magazine road test, the Neon SFT-4 will go 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds, with a top speed of 153 miles per hour. From a 2.4L engine that makes 223 horsepower. Which is 48 more horsepower than the comparable Nissan SE-R rated at 175 horsepower. That is darn fast for a production 4 cylinder engine.

With practically no internal design changes, a new intake manifold was designed to mount a turbo charger on a stock 2.4 Liter engine. With some appropriate performance changes to the camshaft and a few other performance oriented modifications Chrysler was very successful bolting the turbo manifold- setup right on any 2.4 model engine.

The Neon SRT-4 has a Mitsubishi TD04 Turbocharger that boosts anywhere from 11 to 14 psi. Boost effectively raises compression and horsepower. To much boost ruins engines, unless specially prepared.

Combined with the SRT-4’s turbo-charged power house is a high-performance five-speed manual NVG [New Venture Gear] T850 transaxle and a dual outlet exhaust system. For less than $20,000, it’s hard to find a car at over twice the price with more performance from the factory.

Turbo’s are the rage. All of the cars company’s offer turbo charged engines now, extensively. Simply put, installing a mild street turbo on any engine boosts the horsepower and torque. Torque is an important power feature, not as much torque is produced by small engines, adding a turbo gives a small engine the feel of a larger engine. In this case it is a direct bolt on with factory parts.

Suppose you are only in the market for a used or rebuilt turbo assembly for an SRT-4 engine. We are on of the few company’s to offer the complete turbo for sale as a “bolt on” “turn key” package. Meaning that it literally will bolt right on your 2.4 engine. All you need is a few gaskets.

Please call and find out more about our turbos for sale, and in this case an SRT-4 turbo for sale. GotEngines.com is more than just a great engine supply company. Make sure you call us for items like turbos and other parts that bolt to, or are part of the engine, but not the whole engine. We aim to satisfy, guaranteed.

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