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Used Dodge Stealth Engines for Sale

Used Dodge Stealth Engines for Sale | Dodge Engines Used

Dodge Stealth was a concept car that was sold by the Chrysler Motor Corporation in the early 1990s. The Stealth was the car that was poised to take Chrysler into unchartered territory around the world. Dodge had never before sold a foreign manufactured performance vehicle during the late 1980s and wanted something to take them into the future. The Stealth came with the powerful V6 engine and this is the very engine that we have in stock. Our used Dodge Stealth engines for sale are perfect for a swap or replacement and never come with a large price tag. That’s our promise to you at www.GotEngines.com.

A used engine is not like many of the products that are sold from online stores. Since these engines have been preowned, there is a certain level of buyer risk that should be known before a purchase is made. While we have no issues with engines that are sold here, we have heard complaints from customers that used to shop at other websites. We now use the stories that we were told to our benefit. The mistakes made by others are helping us gain a larger market share online. There is no dispute that we are now one of the largest Chrysler motor dealers online.

Used Dodge Stealth Used Engines for Sale

The Stealth used the same V6 engine that was used in other Dodge vehicles. We are able to get this engine straight from certified Doge wholesalers. What makes the used engines very unique in our inventory is the process we go through upon their arrival. We know that used engines are not rebuilt. We also know that without an inspection, something could be damaged or out of place internally or externally. Our Dodge mechanics immediately get to work on engines that come to our warehouse every day of the week. What you do not see us complete is important testing that valuates each Stealth engine condition.

Did we mention that we ship engines for free? Our pricing is already the lowest you can find anyplace online from a professional engine dealer. We make our deals even sweeter by taking away hundreds of dollars that it would take to send an engine out to a customer. Just because we ship free doesn’t mean it will take forever to get an engine. Not only do we ship for no cost, the shipping cariers that we have contacts with deliver engines with lighting fast precision. We never have to answer emails or phone calls from unhappy customers about our shipping speed or accuracy. That says a lot about Got Engines.

Used Dodge Stealth Used Engines for Sale Quotes

We want to make you happy with your Dodge engine purchase. We make it super easy to get all the information you need before you buy. Use our Dodge quote form that we created for our quotes right here online. You can use the quote system 24 hours a day and even on holidays. Some of our customers like to call 1-866-320-1065 and get Stealth quotes by phone. That’s perfectly OK with us.

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