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Advantages of single overhead camshaft engines (SOHC)…..

Finishing up the What is a Single Overhead Cam Engine post:

The main advantages of SOHC Engines Compared to DOHC Engines

A single overhead camshaft set up basically represents a simpler version of the more complex dual overhead cam engine. As indicated in its name, a dual overhead cam uses two camshafts per bank of cylinders to regulate valve control causing greater weight to be added to the engine.

Due to lighter valve-train weight, a single overhead cam engine also features a performance advantage over dual overhead cam setups with lower end torque values.

The single overhead valve configuration is quite mechanically friendly and allows modern engine builders a great deal of performance-seeking freedom.

Both single and dual overhead cam engines can easily facilitate variable valve timing. First developed for the dual overhead cam engine, Honda’s VTEC system was modified for use with single overhead cam engines. However, due to size constants within the cylinder head in this configuration, the VTEC valve timing can only be exercised on the intake valve.

Current SOHC Engines in Production

Besides Honda VTEC engines, a leading champion for single overhead cam technology is the 2 valve and 3 valve version Ford Modular engines powering the Mercury Grand Marquis as well as the Ford Mustang. With pushrod valve-trains commonly associated to American muscle engines, Ford had previously produced a limited number set single overhead cam of 427 V8 engines to compete with Chrysler’s HEMI engine on the NASCAR circuit.

One of the largest engines incorporating the single overhead cam setup is the Mercedes-Benz V12 engines available on the SL Class, as well as S65 and SL65 AMG. Attributed to saving weight, the single overhead cam V12 can also earn credit for 510 horsepower and 604 horsepower, respectably

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