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Straight 6 Engine for Sale

straight 6 engines

The straight 6 is one of the most used motor vehicle engines in the history of the American auto industry. The straight line positioning of the cylinders provided unrivaled horsepower until the development of the more modern V6 builds. The slant 6 and straight 6 motors have been used by multiple automakers over the past 70 years in auto production. Got Engines is one of the largest sources to find straight 6 engine for sale inventory that is discounted for all sales completed in the USA.

The Vortec 4200 is one of the modern builds in the GM inventory using the straight line cylinder production. Jeep vehicles relied on this production until the 2006 year with the Jeep Cherokee. The original AMC engines were all straight or inline 6-cylinder motors of which the 4.0 was adopted by the Chrysler company. Buying used condition engines that are in these configurations is an easy option using this resource. The quality of automobile engines found here gives alternates to auction company buying.

Used Straight 6 Engines with a Warranty Plan

The inclusion of the warranty offers long-term protection for engine buyers. Regardless of the size of the block, parts can fail at any time after the initial installation period. The use of straight 6 engines in the U.S. remains strong in both the gasoline and diesel industries. The Got Engines warranty plan provides a three-year protection policy for each complete block distributed here. Straight 6 designs like Ford 300, AMC 4.0, Chevy 305, Chrysler produced 318 are found here with warranties attached.

Are you swapping a V6 for a straight 6 edition? Compatibility with vehicles usually depends on the size of the engine mounts and transmissions. Most vehicle manufacturers provide engine replacement information and compatibility with other brands. Buying motors from second hand sellers in the United States does provide an option to find hard to locate builds. This resource remains one of the most effective online for producing hard to find engines in gasoline and diesel configurations. The Atlas GM builds as well as the Cummins B Series are additional engine types using the admired straight 6 motor designs found here.

Used Straight 6 Engine for Sale Quotes

Quoting engines is a relatively simple process using the technology featured on this national resource. There are two methods used here to deliver pricing to interested buyers. The first method is to call by toll-free telephone number and speak with a motor expert. These professionals can ask to validate VIN numbers or other engine codes to make the price retrieval process faster. The second method of price discovery is to use the tools that are offered here on every page of this resource. This quotes tool is automated and provides instant price lookups. A year of a motor and make are the data types required for selection before prices are viewable. The warranties, free shipping and free engine price lookups are some of the Got Engines advantages.

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