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Toyota Venza Engines for Sale

Toyota Venza Engines for Sale

Toyota just introduced the Venza, in 2008 to be exact. It seems unlikely, yet receives inquiries regarding replacement Toyota Venza Engines for sale on occasion, already. A mid sized cross over wagon, it was designed to compete directly with Honda Crosstour. It is an American car [...]

Toyota Yaris Engines for Sale

The most popular Toyota Yaris engine is the 1.8 liter 2ZR-FE with DOHC [double overhead camshafts]. Often referred to an 1800 cc [cubic centimeters] engine size, equipped with Dual VVT-i, which is an acronym for Variable Valve Timing and Lift intelligent system. High revving powerful little engines. It does not have a turbocharger. The engine [...]

Toyota Yaris Engines for Sale

The Toyota Yaris is what I call a pee shooter. A tiny little car, almost like a toy. Technically it is a line of mini subcompact cars made by Toyota, introduced to America in 1999. Now we have three generations of the Yaris to deal with, as one of the top engine suppliers stocks [...]

Nissan Murano Engines for Sale

Murano-Group-V-6-with-VVT Engines

My wife comments on how much she likes the Nissan Murano and how pretty it looks. It’s too bad she won’t get one. The Murano is a stylish mid-sized crossover SUV and was first sold in 2003 as the first generation. has all models of Nissan Murano engines for [...]

Ford Contour Engines for Sale

The Ford Contour Engine Paved the Way for the Ford Fusion 
 When the Ford Motor Company introduced the Ford Contour in 1995 it introduced a sister model called the Mercury Mystique that same year. These two new Ford stars replaced the Ford Tempo and the Mercury Topaz. Both models were produced on Ford’s CDW27 platform, and [...]

Motorhome Engines for Sale

A motor home is a home on wheels. My neighbor has a Bounder 36 foot motor home with the 8.1 liter General Motors Workhorse gasoline engine. Being 8.1 liters in size, the General Motors/Chevy Vortec V8 is the largest gas engine I’m aware of. Its huge size combined with the most modern technology gives you [...]

Jetta Engines For Sale

Volkswagen introduced the Jetta in 1979 as a small family car, proceeding the legendary VW Beetle. They built over 571,000 Jettas in it’s first generation, from 1979 to 1984. VW offered a wide assortment of Jetta engines for sale from the beginning. The first generation had six inline 4 cylinder gasoline engines offered and two [...]

BMW 650i Engines for Sale

The BMW models E63/E64, the current chassis used for the BMW 6 Series of luxury performance coupes was introduced in late 2003. It comes with several engine options ranging from a 3.0 liter inline-6 cylinder gasoline engine to a 5.0 liter V10 in the M6 model. We are a full service engine replacement company, BMW [...]

Mini Cooper Engines For Sale

Mini Copper Engines for sale

The mysterious Mini Cooper. Known as the ”Mini”, is a British mini-car owned by BMW. The first generation [2001-2006 (Mk I Hardtop) 2005-2008 (Mk I Convertible)] was designed by Frank Stephenson, drawing inspiration from the original Mini, which was manufactured by the British Motor Corporation and [...]

SRT8 V8 6.1 Engine for Sale

The SRT-8 is a special version of the Dodge Charger introduced in 2005, basically as a performance vehicle. Equipped with the 6.1L Hemi head engine and featured upgrades in the brakes, using Brembo brakes [Porsche uses Brembo brakes!] and a stiffer suspension. We stock a Dodge SRT8 V8 6.1 engine for sale, fully equipped and [...]