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2000 GMC Safari 4.3L Engine for Sale

The GMC Safari Van and the Chevrolet Astro Van are virtually the same product. What separates them are things like interior trim packages, drive-train packages and exterior trim packages. Since the Safari and it’s brother the Astro were discontinued in 2004, lots of folks like my wife and myself are diehard owners who realize the greatness of this van and would rather have to buy a 2000 GMC Safari 4.3L engine for sale than get rid of their van.

The first generation was produced from 1984 to 1995 and used these engines in the lineup; The 2.5L Tech IV 98 hp Inline 4 cylinder engine. The 4.3L 4300 165 hp V6 engine and the 4.3L 4300 200 hp V6 engine. Not many vans came through with the 2.5 liter engine as it was somewhat underpowered.

The second generation of Safari and Astro Vans was produced from 1996 to 2004. The only engine available in the second generation vans was the 4.3L V6.

Why this series of vans were discontinued is all speculation. I will never understand why such a durable and useful intermediate sized van was discontinued. For those who don’t know, General Motors used a 1/2 ton truck chassis platform to build the vehicle. This means the van is more durable and more than likely will give longer life and less problems, especially for folks who use their vans for rigorous work or live in hilly parts of the country.

Because it is essentially a truck chassis, unlike the mini and mid sized vans [we see almost exclusively on the roads], which are 95 plus percent front wheel drive, this is a rear wheel drive vehicle. Or less commonly refereed to as a, but technically correct, longitudinally mounted engine and transmission. In ordinary words, it has a rear end and drive-shaft, a very conventional setup.

Back to the 4.3L V6 engine. Our van gets 21 mpg [miles per gallon] on the highway at 75 miles per hour with the A/C on, two adults, 2 dogs and luggage. It has broken down one time in 10 years. It has over 120,000 miles on the engine and runs perfectly with no oil usage.

We take good care of our van and don’t expect any engine problems anytime soon. What do you think I will do when my van needs an engine? I love the van [it’s payed for too] so selling it is not an option. If you feel like I do about your van, call GotEngines.com and speak with a team member who can help you decide what variation of replacement engine suits said needs.

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