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3.4L OHV V6 engine for sale

Simply typing into a Google search ”3.4L OHV V6 engine for sale” is not very specific. There may be more than one company that manufactured or currently makes a 3.4L motor with overhead valves [OHV]. One company who makes a 3.4L or 3400 cc engine is GM. There are three variants of this engine for sale.

The L32, is an OHV [overhead valve] with a 60 degrees opposing cylinders, engine block. The LA1.
And a high performance version with DOHC, the LQ1. These engines are sometimes referred to as X engines, because of it’s extensive use in GM X body cars like the Nova.

I did some research and don’t see another engine with overhead valves {as opposed to SOHC and DOHC] and 3.4 liters built on an assembly line. I may be wrong, and the specialists at will know those details better than myself.

The LQ1 in particular is not an overhead valve engine, but it is in the same family [60 degree family] as the above two engines. It is also called the Twin Dual Cam or [TDC] which is a DOHC [double overhead camshafts] V6 motor, [x-coded], based on the second generation of 60 degree engines. It has aluminum high flow heads. It was only used in front wheel drive cars, transversely mounted [east to west]. Being manufactured from 1991 to 1997, it used {MPFI], multi-port fuel injection and produced a whopping 200 plus horsepower. In 1994 GM switched to [SPFI] sequential port fuel injection increasing the power to 215 plus hp.

I want to make a distinction between an OHV engine and an engine with a SOHC or a DOHC. An OHV engine or [more commonly called] a conventional push rod engine is where the camshaft is buried in the middle of the block and uses push rods to activate the valves in the heads.

A DOHC engine has a camshaft on each head of a V6 engine [ 2 heads] such as this and has no pushrods. A SOHC has one central located camshaft between the cylinders on a V engine [2 heads], and or only one camshaft in the head on a straight engine without any pushrods. Remember a 4 cylinder engine has only one head, so DOHC designs are rare.

As I mentioned, there may be other 3.4L V6 engines available, if so it evades me, but the well versed salespeople at would be aware of any other brands of 3.4L engines for sale. That is why they are employed here, they are the best at their specialties in the automotive replacement part business. Call now find the motor that fits your car and suits your needs now.

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