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3500 engine

3500 engine

3500 engine

What brand and type of vehicle do you own, or is it a truck? It may have a Chevrolet 3500 engine or is a Dodge Ram 3500 engine? Possibly is it an Oldsmobile Intrigue 3500 LX5 V6 engine, used in 1999? Produced by the Premium engine group at GM and was thus called the Premium V6, or PV6.

When I think of a 3500 engine, my mind defaults to trucks. For instance, I own a 3500 series GMC 1 ton pick with only two rear wheels. My truck has the excellent 5.7L or 350 cubic inch small block engine. Other engines were available in that truck at the time, for instance the Chevy 454 was an option. The problem was I would have had to special order it.

The 5.7 in my 3500 GMC has been running like a top for 22 years now. All it takes is some regular maintenance and respect. The engine itself is very ordinary, no fuel injection or anything fancy, but it works great for me.

Dodge has been making RAM pickups since 1981. Originally Dodge called the one ton a 350 series truck, and changed the numerals from 350 to 3500 in about 1990. Over the years many engines have been used in the Doge 3500 Ram trucks. Below is a list from Wikipedia of the engines offered in the Dodge Ram 3500 pickups since 1981.

1981–1987 225 cu in (3.7 L) Slant-6 95 hp (71 kW)[1]
1988–1991 239 cu in (3.9 L) LA V6 125 hp (93 kW)[1]
?1992-1991? 3.9 L (239 cu in) Magnum V6 180 hp (130 kW)[1]
1981–1987 318 cu in (5.2 L) LA V8 140 hp (100 kW)[1]
1988–1991 318 cu in (5.2 L) LA V8[1]
1992–1993 5.2 L (318 cu in) Magnum V8 230 hp (170 kW)[1] 280 lb·ft (380 N·m)[1]
1981–1988 360 cu in (5.9 L) LA V8 170 hp (130 kW)[1]
1989–1992 360 cu in (5.9 L) LA V8 190 hp (140 kW)[1]
1993 5.9 L (360 cu in) Magnum V8 230 hp (170 kW)[1] 325 lb·ft (441 N·m)[1]

Part of the reason for writing this article is so you can find a 3500 engine for sale faster and easier. I have tied to cover all variations of vehicles with ”3500” in this article, speeding up the process. The idea of one post covering several brands of engines is to eliminate a bunch of refined searching for the proper engines.

Certain engines were more popular than others for reasons I’m not so sure of, I certainly would have bought my pickup, if I had the choice, with the 454 GMC 3500 engine, if it had been on the lot. You may have a diesel engine in your 3500 also, they have been very popular over gasoline engines for years now in the 3500 trucks. So choosing the correct engine is not so difficult if you deal with the right outfit.

After serving some helpful information, allow us to continue the process by giving one of our sales representatives a call. We will be glad to clarify any concerns you have and provide the information needed to decide what type of replacement engine will serve your needs and budget. GotEngines.com

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