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454 Engine for sale

Rat Motors: 454 Engine For Sale

Rat Motors: 454 Engine For Sale

The Chevy 454 cubic inch engine is one of the original ”big block” or ”Rat Motor” Chevy engines, dating back to 1970. It replaced the 427 cubic inch big block, which is my favorite engine of all times. When gas was cheap, like 30 cents per gallon for Sunoco 260 gasoline, having a 107 octane rating, power was all we wanted, gas was cheap, and we took it for granted.

The truth is that many variants were available, from a stock production Chevy 454 engine for sale to the high performance crated engine for sale, only over the counter. GM made lots of different 454 engines for many applications.

454 engines are very popular with boat owners and other marine applications. It’s got the low rpm torque to run just above idle all day long while you troll around fishing in your boat.

As emission laws and other regulations forced the high performance car industry into hibernation for about 20 years, the 454 engine became a mainstay in the truck line. Rarely used in the automobiles, unless a limited or special car was introduced.

By the time the ’90’s arrived the big 7.4L [7400] V8 engine was a fine tuned Vortex fuel injected 3500 Chevy truck engine. Tuned to produce the power band at low rpm’s [revolutions per minute] making it more suitable for pulling heavy loads, than high performance variants.

The good news is that available for sale is every version of 454 engine produced in crate form. For instance, if you want to replace the engine in your 1972 Chevelle SS 454, our suggestion would be a to buy a crate engine which ”perfectly matched” the factory stock specifications of the engine that came from the car originally.

Obliviously you are not limited to using the original engine, if you want more power in an older muscle car, or your work truck, we have an upgrade, the muscle car engine will be tuned for high performance usage, and the truck motor will be tuned to pull a load.

This type of informal information is generally not easily available. Most of our clients are thrilled to know they have other choices, it’s surprising to me that so any people are interested in upgrades.

But it’s nice to know you have some options available if you need to replace the engine in your truck. We deal with plenty of people that are not exactly sure what to do at the point of making a decision.

My best advise stems from speaking with a replacement specialist. We can provide the proper answers relative to deciding if a more ”peppy version” is available for your situation, or is advisable. Our goal is to outfit every customer with an exact match engine for your needs. Call Now GotEngines.com

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