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4.7L Engine for Dodge Durango or Dakota For Sale

The Dodge Dakota and Dodge Durango engines dubbed PowerTech were introduced in 1999, the line included 4.7L engines, 4.7L KO/Magnum engines, a 3.7 EKG and a 2.4L inline 4 cylinder model. Right now I will tell you that the 4.7L Engine for Dodge Durango or Dakota; 1999 through 2005; $2,850.00 delivered is on sale every day, no gimmicks or pressure. You might like to know it was voted one of Ward’s top 10 engines in 1999.

This is also called ”next generation magnum” engines and replaced the LA engine family in the early 2000’s and mostly used in trucks and SUV’s. And from what I understand, there’s almost no reason to own the standard 210-horsepower, 3.7-liter V-6. It’s a bit rough running and a little weak on acceleration and doesn’t have any fuel-efficiency edge on the optional 302-hp, 4.7-liter V-8. The six-cylinder engine [3.7L] comes with either an outdated four-speed automatic or a heavy shifting six-speed manual transmission, while the V-8 teams up with a well-sorted five-speed automatic.

Jeep Motor Company made use of many Dodge engines over the years, since AMC [American Motors] quit making their own motors in about 2002, they have been mixing engine manufacturers for a long time.

These are the applications the 4.7L ”next generation magnum” engines are used in from 1999 through present;
• 1999-2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee
• 2000-present Dodge Dakota
• 2000-2009 Dodge Durango
• 2002-present Dodge Ram
• 2006-2009 Jeep Commander
• 2007-2009 Chrysler Aspen.. Source for chart=answers.com

It uses a sturdy cast iron block and lightweight high flow aluminum heads with two valves per cylinder. It uses a chain-driven overhead camshaft [SOHC]. It originally produced 235 hp. The 2010 4.7L model has 2 valves and 2 spark plugs per cylinder and puts out 302 hp. Dodge has claimed that it has increased compression ratio and improved cylinder head port flow.

Purchasing a replacement engine is more complicated today, as opposed to 20 or 30 years ago. Our facilities are not junk yards, because we sell high quality products that are anything but junk. With all of the variations of some engines, many folks are not sure what brands of cars a particular engine may be used in, it is imperative to have certain information available to ID which variation of said engine you need. Have your VIN [vehicle identification number] ready when you call.

For instance if you want a 4.7L Engine for Dodge Durango or Dakota; 1999 through 2005 for sale, it would cost, $2,850.00 delivered to your door. We have some of the best pricing every day, it’s not a game at GotEngines.com. No bait you in tactics suggesting our price is only good today. We work hard to make a difficult experience and decision an experience that was pleasant and cost effective. Call now.

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