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7.4 engine for sale

7.4 engine For Sale

7.4 engine For Sale

There is only one 7.4L engine that I know of. I rarely refer to it as a 7.4L, because people in my age group who love cars called them the Big Block Chevy 454 engine. Meaning of course, 454 cubic inches, although I have adapted well to the metric terminology, A 454 will always be a 454 to me, not a 7.4L engine. Since everything is in metric numerology, if I was searching for a 454, I would ask for a Chevy 7.4L engine for sale as many salespeople might say ”what” if I asked for 454.

Very few people can make a good argument that the big block Chevy was not one of, if not the best big cubic inch engine ever. And I’m one of the folks who owned a 1966 Corvette (I earned the money and payed for it myself in 1971) with a big block 427 cubic inch engine. In 1970 Chevy increased the 427 to 454 cubic inches.

The 7.4 liter engine was still available as a 7400CC (cubic centimeters) until 1996 when it was replaced by the GenVl Vortec 7400 which is still used in current 3500 series and up Chevy and GMC pickup trucks and some GM chassis motor-homes. Quite obviously this is a tried and proven engine.

It’s equally as popular with the hot rod crowd as it is with the work truck crowd. It simply depends on the application as to which version of the 7.4L, 7400, or 454 cubic inch engine will suit you best. In fact the 7.4L engine is still available in crate form. Brand new.

Essentially the work motors are designed for carrying loads and working, thus having excellent street manners with power available at low speeds making it ideal for commercial purposes. The high performance versions of which several are available are designed to burn the rear tires off your car. Not a good option for commercial or work truck purposes.

Obviously choosing the right 7.4 engine for your application is important. One thing our company is not, is just another ordinary engine recycler. Our goals go beyond the sale itself. We want to make sure we provide the right engine for your application. With that in mind, we are likely to ask a lot of questions in order to get a good idea of how to serve you best.

If you want to buy a 7.4 engine for sale, our guarantee plans and expedient service make us a perfect choice. Take a minute to speak with one of our representatives about which one of the various 7.4L engines is the perfect match for your truck. Don’t forget some of our engines ship for free. In most cases the engine is out the door on the way to you in 24 hours or less. GotEngines.com

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