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Engines For Sale: Suzuki B-Series, G13B Engines.

Suzuki Engines for Sale

Suzuki Engines for Sale

The Suzuki Engines for sale named the G13 is an in line 4 cylinder engine utilizing aluminum alloy for the block, cylinder head and pistons. The ‘Series 1’ Swift GTi is powered by a tuned version of the G13 engine which is found in bread and butter Swift and Sierra models. The G13B displaces 1.3-litres using a 74mm bore and 75.5mm stroke.

Base versions of the G13 use a SOHC head and carburettor to produce around 50kW and there is a single-point EFI model that’s slightly better, but the tuned G13B version is in an entirely different league. The GTi’s G13B pumps out a fantastic 85hp at 6700 rpm. That equates to 56.9kW per litre naturally aspirated – amazing for a relatively cheap production engine from the mid ‘80s! This potent output comes from a DOHC, four-valve-per-cylinder head, a 10:1 compression ratio and multi-point fuel injection. It’s an extremely reliable engine that has proven itself in Australian and overseas motorsport categories.

Although Suzuki is not a very big market in the US, there are still plenty of models running around from the ’80’s. With that in mind we have always put an emphasis on locating the best replacement Suzuki engines available for sale. When we receive our shipment of used engines, every one of them is put through a series of tests to insure you get an excellent running engine that will exceed your expectations.

Other than giving every engine a visual examination, we run every motor on an engine dynamometer to make sure it runs perfectly hot and cold. We also look for oil leaks and other potential problems or we reject that engine. We have always felt that the best money is spent on our products, not a bunch of advertising.

With that in mind, why buy engines from anyone else? We have proven for years that we outperform the competition by supplying realistic information so you, our customers can make a decision that is in your best interests, and as always, we explain everything in terms you understand, no matter how long it takes. Call GotEngines.com @ 1-866-320-1065 and speak with an engine expert.

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