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Ford 3.8L Engine For Sale

Ford 3.8L Engines For Sale

Ford 3.8L Engines For Sale

If your Ford product is equipped with the 3.8L (232cid) V6 engine, you’ll probably satisfied with the engine, it’s very dependable and fuel efficient. It performs it’s intended purposed perfectly.

There are three main variations of 3.8L V6 engines that were used in Ford, Lincoln and Mercury’s.

The first type used a carburetor since the engine was made in the 1982-83 model years, before fuel injection was introduced in America, except for some specialty cars, like the Corvette.This version of the 3.8 had minimal power for it’s size which is why it was redesigned somewhat for 1984.

The second design was topped off with a system Ford referred to as (CFI) central fuel injection. Being produced from 1984-87. This motor exchanged the carburetor for a throttle-body type (TBI) injection system. Output power was increased about 15 percent, up to 120 hp. The engine used Ford’s EEC-IV (electronic engine control-lV) new system, allowing some of the systems to be diagnosed electrically. One of the earliest computer setups. Generally this CFI setup was very responsive and did its job well. The heads were updated from the carburetor version to work better with CFI.

The third type of 3.8L V6 motor was introduced for the 1988 model and used true fuel injection, a system called MPI (multiport fuel injection). This engine was redesigned so much that it shared little with it’s earlier models. And closely resembled the look of its bigger brother, the SEFI (sequential electric Fuel Injection) 5.0L V8.

These updates turned an adequate engine into a much more powerful and enjoyable engine to keep up with the times. Power was now up to 140 hp and fuel economy was also increased. This setup Ford called batch-fire. For the model year1988 only, an internal balance shaft was added to help keep vibrations to a minimum. This generation of V6 is definitely worthy, it earned it’s stripes with the semi high performance engine crowd.

Later versions of the 3.8L V6 motor were nestled in the Mustang, Taurus and Sable, Continental and Windstar. The engine block casting for use in the FWD cars was different in the mounting areas and will not interchange. In 1989 the RWD 3.8 was upgraded to a true SEFI system. For 1999, the 3.8 received an upgrade and improved intake system and a balance shaft (returns), for a solid 190hp.

Although not used in factory cars, there was a The third type is the 3.8 supercharged motor found in the 1989-90 Cougar XR7 and 1989-95 Thunderbird Super Coupe. This motor has it all, the turbo embellished everything about this engine that was good with not side-effects. Including increased power, removing vibration, fuel economy, and surprising torque right from a takeoff. The engine developed much higher compression because of the turbo and was adequately beefed up to accept the extra power. It’s not possible to use supercharged 3.8 components on normally-aspirated 3.8 engines.

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