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Ford 5.4l Engine For Sale

Ford 5.4L Engine For Sale

Ford 5.4L Engine For Sale

The 4.6L was the first of this engine family that first came out in the 1991 Lincoln Town Car and later was installed in the Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis, Thunderbird and Cougar. This engine eventually become the popular 5.0 Mustang replacement.

In 1997 the Ford F150 5.4L version of the 2 valve SOHC engine was introduced. This engine, known as the “Triton” truck engine, has numerous parts that are interchangeable with the modular car engines. However, not all are identical since the truck engines are built to handle more severe duty.

The 4.6L SOHC 3 valve per cylinder engine is available in today’s Mustangs. The engine features variable cam timing, allowing the valves to open and close earlier or later as needed for optimum power.

This SOHC 3 valve technology was first introduced in 2004 in the 5.4L DOHC engines. This engine, also known as the “Triton”, is primarily in the F-150 trucks.

The 5.4L became Ford’s most popular V8, being the standard V8 engine for most base model cars and trucks. For most purposes it served it’s duties well. There was a serious problem in the beginning with spark plugs ‘blowing’ out of the threads in the cylinder head.

The problem has been solved and whenever a rebuilt engine is processed, repairing the cylinder threads should be standard, or go somewhere else, but make sure you ask about upgrading the spark plug holes.

The amount of 5.4L engines produced was so large that the ratio of problems to amount of engines produced was very low in the long run. That is considered one of the benefits of an successful engine of which many were produced. The sheer amount of them available lowers the cost. It is all a matter of supply and demand.

The demand is there for sure, regardless of your point of view, meaning that it is a great engine because so many are out there running, or it is not so great because so many need replacing, the opposing views cancel out, and the engines are there for the picking.

The most reliable educational information for choosing the right engine is here for your convenience. As is the replacement engine we suggest as the best value for your needs and budget. Call and speak with a representative now. Our engines for sale are shipping ready. Make the deal and we ship asap, sometimes the shipping is free, so don’t be surprised.

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