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Ford 6.4L Powerstroke Engine For Sale

From 2007 through 2010 Ford manufactured the 6.4 Liter Powerstroke diesel. The third generation of Ford’s legendary tough diesel engines. Redesigned to meet emission standards and add a little more power at foot. We stock all Powerstroke diesel engines, in fact I’m looking at a Ford 6.4L Powerstroke engine for sale right now.

This engine’s cutting-edge technology and reduced emissions put out an amazing 350 HP @ 3000 RPM with a peak torque output of 650 lb-ft at just 2000 RPM.

Proven through million of miles of torturous durability testing, the 6.4L proved to be the quietest and cleanest Power Stroke engine to date. Its twin turbochargers and high-pressure, common-rail fuel injection with piezoelectric fuel injectors also helped Ford Super Duty trucks meet the stringent 2007 diesel emissions requirements.

The engine is so advanced some of it’s features are beyond me. I’m not a diesel specialist by any means, but the misnomer that diesel engines and the large equipment diesel powers, are not as sophisticated as a luxury car. Surprisingly, it’s just the opposite.

The secret to a long lifespan for a diesel motor and in particular the 6.4L Powerstroke engine is in the maintenance. Diesel motors need different maintenance than gasoline engines. It’s important to have your Powerstroke engine serviced at the proper intervals and using the proper factory approved components.

It’s important to know that Ford makes a diesel engine oil specifically designed for their engines. Make sure the oil you buy specifically meets Ford’s requirements, or buy the oil from Ford. Ford put a lot of time into designing a low maintenance engine, making maintenance more important.

Replacing a 6.4L Powerstroke engine provides one with several options. The best overall option is a brand new engine. New engines, right from the manufacturing company are available, packed in a crate as a turnkey engine option. Because this engine is so new, and the vehicles that use them are as well, new engines are a popular choice.

I’m not making any recommendations for you. For that, the best avenue to take is to call GotEngines.com and discuss your needs with a diesel engine specialist. You can trust our representatives to take a sincere and personal approach to solving the problem. Allow us to advise you. Find out which engine option serves your purpose best.

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