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GEO Metro Engines For Sale

The Geo Metro was a true mini car, available in America from 1989 to 2001 under the Chevrolet name. The car was a joint effort between GM and Suzuki. A simple, yet extreme example of a basic, small inexpensive high fuel mileage car. Being a simple car, only two engines were offered in the US over it’s life. We have both GEO Metro Engines For Sale.

The engine identified by the code ”G10” was an inline 3 cylinder engine. Made almost entirely of aluminum, it is light in weight. It consumes one [1] tiny liter in size, or 61.5 cubic inches, most riding lawnmowers have bigger engines than that. Using a SOHC [single overhead camshaft] with 6 valves, having one intake valve and one exhaust valve per cylinder it produced exceptional power and fuel mileage, rivaling the best hybrid cars of today.

The engine coded ”G13” is a 1.3 liter inline 4 cylinder engine with 70 horsepower. The same engine that was in use in the Suzuki Swift, which was formally introduced to the Japanese domestic market [JDM] in 1983 and eventually manufactured in seven countries through three generations and marketed under more than a dozen nameplates, including the Suzuki Swift, and Chevrolet Metro too.

In Europe, tiny cars such as this are the norm. The gas prices over yonder have always been high, they never enjoyed the luxury of cheap gasoline or diesel fuel in Europe, China and Japan. Almost every country who manufactures cars in Japan makes a low budget, high fuel economy car. In fact in Romania they have a national car, it’s called the Dacia. It’s a small, basic form of transportation, with very few options.

What would I recommend to someone looking for a replacement motor for a Geo Metro? Without a doubt, a rebuilt engine. First off, the cost is not as much as you think. Second off, it may be hard to locate a used engine with solid integrity and not ready to prematurely fail, which is an obvious waste of money. The only viable source of used engines would be the JDM engines.

The bottom line for me would be to call the experts at GotEngines.com and find out what is available. Discuss your engine issues with our experts, allow us to council you on which engine will serve you best. Educated customers make better decisions when they have a basic knowledge of said field. Call now and find out how affordable replacement rebuilt engines from GotEngines.com costs. Some engines ship for free.

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