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GM 5.3L Gen IV V8 engine for sale

GM 5.3L Gen IV V8 engine for sale

GM 5.3L Gen IV V8 engine for sale

In 1955 GM introduced the Chevrolet Small Block V8 [mouse motor], basically changing the whole field and perception of car engines. Consuming automotive awards in the passenger car and truck markets, racing field and with commercial machinery and in marine engines and industrial markets. The Small Block Chevy was-is the most purchased engine of all time. Move ahead to today and the most popular engine today, [which I’m looking at now], is the GM 5.3L Gen IV V8 engine for sale.

In 2005, the Generation III was superseded by the Generation IV. But it benefited from a few new technologies; Active Fuel Management (also called Displacement On Demand) and Variable Valve Timing [VVT].

I thought this was interesting. Mostly because I’m a fan of pushrod engines. [As opposed to single overhead and double overhead camshaft engines].

DOHC vs. Pushrod Engines
Having decided that the engine would be entirely new, there was said to be discussions and temptations to design the Gen. III to have dual overhead cams – a very popular idea of the era. However this was a significantly more expensive way (in terms of cost and the number of parts) to build an engine and it would have also created a top-heavy and top-wide engine assembly. GM had learned a lesson while developing its LT-5 with Lotus for the Corvette ZR-1. It was a neat motor, but an unnecessarily expensive way to get 405 HP.

Thus, GM engineers accepted the challenge to get all of the broad performance and efficiency out of a single-cam, pushrod and hydraulic lifter engine with two valves per cylinder that other manufacturers were getting out of complex DOHC multi-valve engines.

The eventual result was a phenomenon.The engine profited from the excellent simplicity and elegant engineering built into the design since the inception of the Small Block in 1955. In fact, the motor produces more power more efficiently than multi-cam engines that cost significantly more to build. In terms of engineering, GM Powertrain has added a distinguished feather to their caps. Source

Simply put, the Generation lV engines are the most advanced Chevy engines ever built and they cover a large variety of applications along the whole General Motors engine lineup. The 5.3L Gen lV engine was used in light duty trucks and SUV’s mostly. If you are looking for source that carries Gen lV GM engines for sale, stop now and call one of our team representatives, we have your replacement engine ready for shipment now.

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