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Hummer-Humvee: Engines for Sale..

I think it is a big joke, Hummers that is. Very few people know the difference between a Hummer and a military Humvee. In actuality they have little in common except perhaps the engines and transmissions. Other than that, they are entirely different vehicles.

The most prominent difference is in the chassis and suspension systems. The Humvee has a true independent rear suspension system. The hummer uses a stock Chevy-GMC truck, straight rear axle. The Humvee also is not a luxury ego boosting vehicle. It is all business, especially for off road usage. The independent rear suspension is far superior to the straight axle on a Hummer for off road use. There is no comparison when it comes to difficult off-road navigation.

The independent V shape rear suspension eliminates high siding the differential. When examining the independent rear end, the differential is hard to see. That is because it is tucked away and bolted to the chassis. This makes it necessary to have control arms much like the front end of 99.5% of the cars now a days. in fact it much resembles a front wheel drive setup on all cars built nowadays. It allows traveling over culverts and the like without getting stuck, as a Hummer most certainly would.

If you examine a hummer you will see a straight rear axle, exactly like a Chevy or GMC 1/2 ton pickup truck. Fine for street use and mild off road usage, but no match for a Humvee in an off-road contest. I am not knocking the straight axle setup. I own a 1988 GMC 1 ton 4 wheel drive pickup, while it is way more sturdy than a Hummer or 1/2 ton rear truck differential it is still not a Humvee setup. BTW: I bought my truck new and it is mint. I would not trade it for a 2010 1 ton Duramax.

I don’t mean to disrespect the owners of Hummers, but to me they are ego trip vehicles with no other purpose than being cool. If you want to go off road, you can do it for a lot less money. I am not talking about buying a Humvee either. Any 4×4 truck or vehicle made will serve that purpose. Don’t get me wrong, I like ‘cool’ vehicles too. I think my truck is cool, but I also own a 1970 Porsche 911 rs and a few Harley Davidson motorcycles. I like to style and profile just as much as a Hummer owner.

Since the Hummer and Humvee use the same basic engines, there is some similarity. The 6.2L GM diesel and now the 6.5L GM diesel engines are used in both vehicles. The military Humvee uses an injection system that allows it to use aviation kerosene. This is because the military only wants to haul one type of fuel all over the place instead of several fuels. Which is understandable in war situations.

I hope this clears up any mystery surrounding the two vehicles. For assistance in locating a replacement engine for your Hummer, should you have an engine failure, Call GotEngines.com. Their supply of 6.2L and 6.5L Chevy engines for sale is very complete. They have in stock, low mileage used engines and rebuilt engines as well. Ready to go. Every one pre tested and crated. Call 1-866-320-1065 and speak with a trained engine specialist about your engine needs.

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