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International 444 diesel engine for sale

For those who don’t know, the International 444 diesel engine is the engine more commonly called the Powerstroke engine by Ford. The engines are manufactured by Navistar International Corporation for Ford Motor Company. Several 444 models were made, we have all of them in stock, including the most popular one, the International 444 diesel engine for sale, the 7.3L version.

These engines or diesel motors were designed to compete with the General Motors Duramax V8 diesel engines and the B series inline six cylinder Cummins diesel in the Dodge trucks. BTW; Ford used the 444 in the Econoline vans and the Excursion.

The engine came in two sizes. Here is an interesting bit of trivia, the 6.9L engine has 420 cubic inches in displacement, which was used in Ford trucks from 1983 until 1987. The name ”444” comes from the size in cubic inches, which comes from the formula that says: one liter has 61.5 cubic inches, so 7.3 liters times 61.5 equals 444 [actually 448] cubic inches approximately., which was used in Ford trucks from 1988 until 1992 (naturally aspirated). Meaning no turbocharger.

These engines were replaced in mid 1994 by the Navistar T444E (7.3L) engine, which was also marketed under the Ford Power Stroke name. The 6.9 IDI, 7.3 IDI, and 7.3 IDIT engines are not in the Power Stroke family.

We all know these were some of the most successful engines ever made. Ford truck owners had beat the heck out of, and used these motors as hard as one can imagine. They hold up too. There are a bunch of 444 engines on the road. Small companies, big companies, four wheelers or people who like reliable diesel trucks; all have tremendous loyalty to Ford tucks with 444 or Powerstroke engines.

Now that we have sorted this issue out, lets speak about what to do if you need to replace a Powerstroke engine in your truck. My suggestion is to look into a remanufactured or rebuilt engine for sale. My experience is as such, it’s hard to find a Powerstroke engine without tons of miles on them, in the used form. For the most part, the best used 444 or 7.3L Powerstoke engines come out of wrecked trucks, and F-series Ford owners don’t wreck their trucks very often.

Anyway, a remanufactured 444-Powerstroke engine is quite affordable and we consider it one of our best values. Call us now for a price and description of our International or Ford F-350 truck engines. Some even ship for free and our warranties are iron clad for your full confidence.

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