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What is a JDM engine for sale?

(JDM) is an acronym for Japanese Domestic Market. It is a term used in Japan’s economic market for Japanese-brand goods, such as automobiles and engines for sale. The most popular application is related to Japanese-brand automobiles built specifically for the Japanese market (designed and constructed to conform to Japanese vehicle and equipment regulations and to suit Japanese emission regulations).

JDM is not a brand name, in other words it is a description of a product. JDM isn’t a company. As said above JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market and the term originally applied to Japanese parts that were rare or hard to find since they weren’t offered in any other countries. The point is that if a company were to call itself JDM Engines Inc., that does not mean they are the producer and supplier of JDM products.

Similarly, the US has a term USDM or United States Domestic Market.

Now a days everything that is aftermarket is basically referred to as JDM. If you look at an online listing for an aftermarket “racing” steering wheel it says in big letters JDM, which in reality its nothing more than an affordable Chinese steering wheel.

The difference between a JDM engine and a ‘used’ engine is the mileage, a JDM used engine almost always has less then 50,000 miles on it and these are taken out of good running vehicles. In Japan they have strict emissions laws and most cars are sold or parted out with less than 50,000 miles. Most Japanese drivers have to have their engine changed (due to the emission laws) or purchase a new vehicle after 40,000 miles or less.

Because of Import tariffs the cars cannot be sold ( in one piece) to the U.S. at a realistic price. So the cars are “Parted Out” cut in half and imported as used parts. When you purchase a used engine from the domestic USA market, many times it was experiencing mechanical failure and needs to be rebuilt before it can be used. The reliable and worthy used engines from America generally come out of low mileage wrecked cars. Which is a viable option if you use the correct supplier.

JDM engines are taken out of perfectly good running vehicles in Japan after about 40,000 miles. Here in the U.S. engines are often driven for as much as 200,000 miles. When you purchase a JDM engine you are purchasing a low mileage, with the proper maintenance, good running pre-tested engine.

JDM engines, in our case, can be purchased in several forms as JDM engines for sale. The most common form is a used engine. Because of the emission laws in Japan, the low mileage used JDM engines are put through an examination and pre-tested on an engine dynomonmeter while an automotive engine scan tool is hooked up. This rigorous testing procedure is proof and confidence building for the consumer and supplier.

New JDM engines are available in more limited quantities. However, they must come out of a new car, built in Japan, parted out and imported to the US. New JDM engines are becoming more popular imports due to the remarkably low pricing. It is surprising at how many new JDM engines are available. The US market demands it and the Japanese market comes through.

The Rebuilt JDM engines were low mileage engines that were imported to the US. They are purchased by companies that go through a tear down procedure, inspection of all parts and replacement of piston rings, bearings, gaskets and seals. Once the engine goes through this procedure it is classified as a rebuilt engine. With a terrific warrany. The bulk of JDM engines have 3 year warranties.

Many JDM performance engines come from the factory in the sporty hi-performance Japanese cars. They are popular with the performance car groups since many of the cars these engines come out of are the performance model Japanese cars. Making them desirable on the race circuits for racing teams and club racers as an affordable and reliable replacement engine.

What ever classification you choose of JDM engines. Remember that company’s that represent JDM as thier company name are not being honest with you, remember JDM is an acronym. Not a company.

JDM engines build confidence in consumers by bringing high quality, performance and low mileage Japanese engines directly from Japan at the most affordable pricing possible, guaranteed.

JDM engines outperform most other imported used engines in the USA by offering qualified Japanese engines and diesel engines. The JDM offers JDM Honda motors, JDM Toyota engines and JDM Nissan engines.

Simply put, the JDM engine line we offer at is of the highest quality, making them a good value. We also offer many more choices in engines for sale. Read our BLOG for more information and then go to our sales site and find what you are looking for. Call the experts at 1-941-269-8284 for further questions.

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    This is all new stuff for me. Eye opening. Thanks for all the information!

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