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Jeep Liberty 2.8L CRD Diesel engine for sale

Built in Italy by VM Motori (40% Owned by Detroit Diesel), the Jeep Liberty 2.8L CRD Diesel engine for sale also has many applications abroad. It has a turbocharger and setup with CRD [Common Rail Diesel], which is a higher fuel pressure system that improves power output and produces cleaner emissions than older Diesels.

VM Motori Was founded in 1947. The Company is is a diesel engine manufacturing company in Cento, Italy, specialized in the design and production of high technology diesel engines for a variety of uses.

There are too many applications to mention in one blog post, however I will say that the 2.8L CRD is used in the Jeep Cherokees. The Cherokee is called a ”Liberty” across the ocean and Subaru owns the rights to the “Liberty” name. Anyway it has 160 horses but what really stands out is the 295 foot pounds of torque that is delivered at an extra low and usable rpm range starting at 1,800 rpm’s.

The extra low end grunt [torque] combined with the 5 speed automatic overdrive 545RFE transmission with lockup torque converter makes for some great fuel mileage. I have read some reports from people getting as high as 32mpg highway while cruising at 70mph with the air conditioner running. In town it is supposed to get a respectable 21mpg on a consistent basis.

Cool Video of A Jeep with the 2.8L CRD Turbo diesel engine, sorry it is not a Jeep Cherokee.
The 2008 and later Chrysler Grand Voyager is also fitted with the VM 2.8-liter engine. Applications are so widespread covering items from automobiles to fixed mounted commercial motors.

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