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KA24DE engine for sale

KA24DE engine for sale

KA24DE engine for sale

The KA24DE was a stock Nissan engine often used in the sporty 240SX. A 2.4Liter, 4 cylinder, fuel-injected, [DOHC] dual overhead camshaft engine, manufactured by Nissan in the USA between the years 1991 and 1999.

It was a factory install engine in 10 other Nissan cars and trucks, and was known for its outstanding fuel mileage and strong cast-iron block. It came in a variety of Nissan vehicles from 1991 to 2004. Being produced for the American and Canadian domestic markets only.

The 240SX Rear-wheel drive coupe from Nissan is the most famous car to use the engine. From 1989-1994 the 240SX was known as a S13th generation car. The 1989 and 1990 model 240SX had a [SOHC] single overhead camshaft engine [KA24E], which has a serious lack power, it was replaced in 1991 with the double overhead camshaft KA24DE.

The engine itself is a 2.4L inline/straight-4 cylinder block with 16 valves in the cylinder head, that is 4 valves per cylinder, making 2 intake valves and 2 exhaust valves. The engine has seen duty in truck applications, but it is fast and durable and serves the performance crowd too.

The 240SX is/are well known to home based racing team performers for economy class racing teams, their powerful little engines and sporty characteristics are within low budget racing operations means.

It is simply amazing at how long the production run on this engine was. Based on vehicle size and weight, the engine provided above average power and reliability. What I mean to say is that most Nissan’s are considered small cars and relatively light in weight, so by producing a variety of variants of said engine, lots of model applications can be filled.

One beauty of such a long production run is that certain components in the engine become standardized for the entire production run. What this does is keep parts costs down, because re-designs are not needed, making the cost of repair parts or replacement engines low. Supply and demand.

When the integrity of the structure is so solid, lots of different power rating combination’s can be made available as well, reliably powering sports cars with turbochargers, trucks, mini vans and everyday cars. It’s a good idea that other manufacturers now mimic.

Keeping costs down is our strong point. We only sell the cream of the crop for folks searching for a replacement engine. Buying the best rebuilt engine is a better value than buying a cheap engine and having frustrating [and expensive] warranty problems to deal with, and perhaps an early failure.

Value is built right into every one of our rebuilt engines, thus making it a lot less expensive than an engine that barely lasts out of warranty. With that in mind, if you are restoring your 240SX we have your replacement engine, or, if the family car’s engine is fatigued, we have an exact match engine replacement in stock. Call Now. GotEngines.com

KA = model, 24 = 2.4 liter, D = Double Over Head Cam, E = Electronic Fuel Injection.

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