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LS1 engines for sale

LS1 engines for Sale

LS1 engines for Sale

The LS1 is part of the General Motors, generation lll [3] lineup of small block engines produced from 1997 to present. Being the only V-8 engine used in the General Motors line of rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks. The only power-plant used in the Corvette since 1997. The Chevy LS1 engines for sale are all 5.7 Liters in size, or more commonly known as a 350 cubic inch motor.

Commonly called a mouse motor or small block motor, don’t mistake it in any way for a big block Chevy engine. The small block Chevy is the most famous modern engine in the world that set the precedent for overhead valve [OHV] engines in 1955. More to the point, [OHV] engines became the ”standard” for valve train operation for the majority of cars, presently still in regular use.

In many ways, the LS1 is superior to any small-block that came before it. A deep-skirt, six-bolt-main block, with structural oil pan and other carefully engineered features, helps make the LS1 a strong, smooth running and dependable engine. A high lift camshaft actuating big 2.00/1.55 valves in symmetrical-port cylinder heads helps make it a un-compromised performer.

For many folks researching a replacement engine for a Chevy 1500 pickup a GMC pickup truck or any GM full sized SUV, this is a great update if you currently have a Generation lll small block V8 in it already. It is a direct bolt in, as long as it was equipped with full electronic fuel injection.

Plenty of aftermarket companies make a harness and computer kit which allows you to install a fully equipped LS1 in a vehicle that was made before computerization. The kits are well priced and the benefits certainly make it the ideal engine swap for hot-rodders or vintage car owners.

You have to make the decision, we offer fully remanufactured LS1 engines for sale, packed in a crate and ready to ship, we also have a large inventory of low mileage used small block engines too. All of which are cleaned up and packaged for shipment.

My suggestion is to call one of the experts at GotEngines.com and learn more about which engine suits your needs and budget best. Call now. We ship within 24 hours for your convenience and some engines ship for free.

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