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mitsubishi v6 engine

Mitsubishi v6 Engines

Mitsubishi v6 Engines

When searching for a Mitsubishi v6 engine the big question is which one of the three families does the engine belong to. For those who want to know there are three families of v6 Mitsubishi engines. All three families of engines are used primarily in it’s midsized lines, compacts and coupes.

Lets start with the 6A1 engine. This is the runt of the litter. it was introduced in 1992 in the Mirage and I believe it is the smallest v6 engine currently in production. Of the 6A1 family there are three versions. The standard 1.6L which is the smallest of all three, then the 6A12 which is somewhat larger at 2.0L, and finally the 6A13 which is 2.5L and has a turbocharger.

The next engine in the v6 engine family is the 6B3. This is a 3.0L engine first used in the 2007 Outlander.

The 6G7 is the third version, also known as the Cyclone v6 which is available in 2.0L, 3.0L, 3.5L and finally 3.8L versions. It is the their most commonly used v6 engine. It was not used from 1999 to 2001 as Mitsubishi experimented with a v8 engine, before going back to the 6G7 in 2002.

Although Mitsubishi makes a tremendous variety of engines, they choose to limit the v6 engines to three basic versions. The primary reason for this was the early success of the engine design. The design was easily upgraded as technology improved since the integrity and design were somewhat advanced at the time it was introduced.

Having an engine series in production for such a long time allows the engineers to continue perfecting the product. As many Mitsubishi owners already know, this is a highly reliable engine which gets extraordinary fuel mileage. In-fact, it is so reliable many owners have no idea what engine is in the car.

Not everyone cares what engine is in their car as long as it performs well. Which in a certain sense makes the job easier if you were in a spot where you had an engine failure and were searching for a replacement.

This is the situation where we can prove our worth as a company. To simply the matter, all we need to identify the engine is your vehicle identification number, which is on the registration and usually on a sticker on the drivers side door on the end.

Presenting the VIN helps ID the motor immediately, allowing us to present our lineup of replacement engines to you. We offer a variety of viable engine options. Our line up includes low mileage used engines, rebuilt engines and JDM engines. All you have to do is make the call and our councilors will help you choose the engine that meets your budget and fills your best interests. GotEngines.com

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