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VG30E engine for sale

VG30E Engine For Sale

VG30E Engine For Sale

The Nissan engines with the tag VG are a series of engines by Nissan Motor Company which started production in 1983. It is a V6 engine. The early VG engines had 12 valves per head and was an SOHC [single overhead camshaft] motor. The later 24 valve per head engines had DOHC, [double overhead camshafts]. The VG 30E Nissan engine for sale featured in this post is 3.0 Liters [3000 cc] in size.

There has been a total of 12 VG engine variants produced over 18 years. The design was so solid and successful it became the flagship V6 design used by Nissan. By changing the displacement and adding different performance options ranging from a plain Jane automobiles to the Nissan and Infinity ultra high performance sports cars and luxury sedans, coverage was excellent.

1 VG20E
2 VG20ET
4 VG20P
5 VG30S
6 VG30i
7 VG30E
8 VG30ET
9 VG30DE
10 VG30DET
12 VG33E
13 VG33ER

For all practical purposes, this VG30E motor makes seamless amounts of horsepower, depending on the configuration, making acceleration from 0 to 100 a real surprise, even to me, someone who owned a real muscle car from the ’60’s. Silent, intense, speed, completely isolated from any exterior noise.

The VG30E specifically was used in these Nissan models:

• 1984–1989 Nissan 300ZX/Nissan Fairlady Z
• 1985–1994 Nissan Maxima
• 1987–1988 Nissan 200SX SE
• 1990–1992 Infiniti M30/Nissan Leopard
• 1990–1995 Hardbody Truck
• 1990–1995 Nissan Pathfinder/Nissan Terrano
• 1992–1999 Nissan Gloria/Nissan Cedric (179 hp)
• 1992–1998 Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager..Source=Wiki

With twelve variations of the VG30E engine available, one might think it is a difficult process to determine which engine is in your car. A common issue with folks who are not automotive literate. For an engine enthusiast or specialist, identifying the model engine is easy. All we need is the VIN of your car. The vehicle identification number is on your registration and on the end of the drivers side door on a sticker.

GotEngines.com operates with the end result in mind. A terrific product and excellent customer experience is what every client should end up with. We start with some education and go from there helping you decide which variant of the venerable VG30E engine for sale works best for your needs and budget. Call now and speak with a specialist.

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