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Volvo Engines For Sale

Volvo Engines for Sale. Visit GotEngines.com

Volvo Engines for Sale. Visit GotEngines.com

I remember when Volvo advertisements on television showed a Volvo with a million miles on it tooling down the road, the commercial said that Volvo’s last an average of 11 years. I guess I’m dating myself, but Volvo is known for safe cars and reliable long lasting engines.

The introductory generation of the Volvo model S40 was introduced to drivers in 1995. It is a 4-door luxury car, the second generation S40 was completely reinvented, turning it into one of the best cars in it’s class.

When Volvo launched it’s all-new Volvo S40 in 2004 it became available with a choice of two five-cylinder, a 2.4i and 2.4 with 170 hp and 140 hp. Both engines are 2.4 Liters. A normally aspirated engine does not have a turbocharger on it.

In addition, there was a newly designed four-cylinder diesel engine for the S40, the 2.0 D. It is a turbocharged diesel engine. The fuel injection setup operates under incredible pressure, guaranteeing extremely fine distribution of the fuel mist and oxygen. This helps promote better fuel distribution allowing for better performance and more performance per gallon of gas.

The piezoelectric system supplies the injectors with continuaous pressure all the time. Using a second fuel pump and computer controller to keep the ‘off’ injectors pressurized for instant response. It is not a new idea to keep the injectors pressurized, it is simply a better way to do it. My 1970 Porsche 911 has a simple version of Bosch constant pressure fuel injection.

The fuel can be directed out through several smaller injectors during each combustion stroke. With these piezo-electrical injectors, the engine is prepared for current and future emissions requirements.

The diesel engine is actually a result of Ford Motor Company and Peugeot Company joint engine development program.

Note: Ford Motor Company and PSA Peugeot Citroën (Peugeot Société Anonyme) announced in 2005 the last phase of the new diesel co-engine operation program, with the launch of two new groups of lightweight, cleaner burning, highly efficient engines for their commercial vehicles and luxury car lines.

The diesel engine has a displacement of 2.0 liters. In 2004, a smaller 1.6 liter diesel engine was also put into use somewhat later.

The range of engines continued to expand offering the broadest line of engines for any car in it’s class.

Engines offered with horsepower ratings in new 2004 S40 Volvo:
2.4  5 cylinder in-line 140 hp 
2.4i 5 cylinder in-line 170 hp 
2.0 D (turbo-diesel) 4 cyl in-line 136 hp 
1.6  4 cylinder in-line 100 hp 
1.8  4 cylinder in-line 120 hp 
1.6 D (turbo-diesel) 4 cylinder in-line 110 hp 
T5 5 cylinder in-line 220 hp 

The search is over if you are intent on buying Volvo engines that have pure value built into them from the beginning. The amount of time we spend locating the finest replacement engines pays off with thousands of satisfied customers. Making sure every engine we sell is tested and certified keeps our quality level at the top, and our customer service representative is like the Maytag man, the loneliest person in town. Call GotEngines.com @ 1-866-320-1065.

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