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Used 4.6 Explorer Engine

The V8 4.6 engine was first used in the Explorer in 2002. This was the last of the Modular motors that were built by Ford. Both Romeo and Windsor designs can be found by a person who researches the 4.6 block. A person ready to buy a used 4.6 Explorer engine in used condition can [...]

Used Focus ZX3 Engine

Ford mass produced its ZX3 Focus starting in the year 2000. The Zetec engine block used during the first few years of production is still in demand. While some second hand inventory at retailers has decreased, a block in good condition is not hard to find. A person can buy a used Focus ZX3 engine [...]

Used Ford Escape 2.0 Engine

Ford began using the Zetec 2.0 in the Escape in the year 2000. As production increased for SUV vehicles, market dominance was important to automakers. One of the top four-cylinder motors that already had a good history was selected by Ford for its Escape. Getting ready to replace a motor does not have to be [...]

Used F150 4.2 Engine

Ford used its 4.2 motor for its F150 series starting in 1997. The Essex block is one of the most famous types in North American auto manufacturing. Due to low mileage with zero loss of power, the V6 series of Ford Motor Company engines have remained popular. A visitor to this website can buy or [...]

Used Ford Ranger 2.3 Engine

Ford used its 2.3 Lima engine as one of the popular motors that powered its Ranger pickup truck in 1983. The light-duty truck market was expanding during this time and competition between auto companies was increasing. While other motors are available through secondary sources, a person can buy a used Ford Ranger 2.3 engine direct [...]

F150 STX 3.5 Engine Used

The truck series from Ford benefits from numerous choices of engines in V6 and V8 builds. The STX series is one trim level of the F150 that appeals to classic and modern auto buyers. The use of Ecoboost technology in the motor blocks used to power the STX has proved a success to the Ford [...]

Used 2.0 Zetec Engine

Ford launched development of its 1.6 displacement motor in 1992 known as the Zetec platform. This dual overhead cam motor provided 1597 cubic inches for early 1990s Ford Motor Company inventory. The 2-liter version is a valid alternative to the 1.6 and can be purchased from respected dealers. Someone who has an interest in saving [...]

Used Ford Flex 3.5 Engine

Ford coined the phrase crossover utility vehicle in 2008 when it introduced its Flex vehicle brand. This SUV class motor vehicle is still built in Canada and features the latest motor technology for the D4 body platform. Regardless of its 5-door body style, the Flex uses 2 separate V6 engine blocks. A person ready to [...]

Ford 3.5 Liter V6

Cyclone replaced the Essex motor in the 2006 year at the Ford Motor Company. Production in line for the future is the stance Ford took when developing its Cyclone platform. There are now multiple vehicles that use the powerful displacement and Ecoboost technology. Someone who is researching whether or not to buy a Ford 3.5 [...]

Used Ford Van Engines

Econoline was the brand of vans that Ford marketed for decades before shortening the name to E-Series. Econoline logos were first used in Canadian produced vans in the Mercury lineup. The early 1960s was a time of growth for the original inline 6 motors used in the full size Ford vans. It is still easy [...]