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Used 2.0 Zetec Engine

Ford launched development of its 1.6 displacement motor in 1992 known as the Zetec platform. This dual overhead cam motor provided 1597 cubic inches for early 1990s Ford Motor Company inventory. The 2-liter version is a valid alternative to the 1.6 and can be purchased from respected dealers. Someone who has an interest in saving money buying a used 2.0 Zetec engine will appreciate this GotEngines.com website.

The Zetec family of motors was originally known as Zeta. The standard SOHC edition was later updated to feature the DOHC builds for the Focus, Escort, Fiesta and Fusion. The early 2.0 motors were put into production around the 1998 year and this production has continued in the current decade. Ford used its CVH engine technology in the design of future 2.0 blocks.

16-Valve I4 Engine Specs

The posted horsepower rating for a Zetec 2.0 motor is 130. This is achieved through the 9:6:1 ratio along with the inline I4 design. The 2.0 typically uses a 70-amp alternator to provide electric power to additional circuits in Ford vehicles. The late model Duratec design has taken over where the initial Zetec motor left off in the early 2000s.

There are 16 total valves in the classic Zetec motors. The cubic inch calculation is 1989cc. This block is naturally aspirated and has a red line limit of 5750. Both manual and automatic Ford transmissions were used during the years of development in the U.S. The top speed achieved by the Zetec engines is around 125 miles per hour.

Zetec 2.0 Engine Problems

Leaking valve stems and an issue known as valve tapping were common with the early I4 design. Both SVT and standard editions had reported problems by Escort, Focus and Mercury Cougar owners. A hydraulic valve that could be self adjusted was standard on most motors created before 1998. Ford has since changed this design with its Duratec family. All GotEngines.com used 2.0 motors have already been certified as good condition.

Where to Buy Used 2.0 Ford Zetec Engines

GotEngines.com offers unique ways to sort through different inventory that has been acquired through partners in the United States. An automatic finder that appears on this page can be used by any person with regular or mobile connection to the Internet. Pick out the motor year and vehicle type and the system calculates the price.

Apart from learning how much is costs to swap a Zetec engine, it is even easier to click to buy a complete block. A buy now button is always displayed alongside the listed prices to help someone with the checkout procedure when buying preowned engines for sale. Another option to discover the current price structure is to use the listed national phone number at this website.

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