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6.0 liter Ford Diesel Engine…Job Security

A lot of people miss the 7.3L Ford diesel engines. Many of these engines with 7.3 Liters have over 300,000 miles on them. even though they are not trouble free they are very reliable engines. Most 6.0’s have been a nightmare.

It was 25 years ago that Ford introduced the 6.9L Indirect Injection (IDI) engine. That engine’s output was 170 Horsepower and 315 foot-pounds of torque. A new idea on the market was taking shape. Diesel engines in light duty trucks. This was Fords first attempt at using diesel power in any smaller vehicles.

The next model Ford offered was the 7.3L IDI. The engine was produced from 1988-1993. Another reliable engine that took anything thrown at it.

A big time change in the power produced by the 7.3L engine occurred in 1994. The 7.3L was converted to a Direct Injection (DI) engine, a turbocharger was added and the Power Stroke name was introduced. The 7.3L engine was in production until early 2003 and this engine’s performance and durability is what made the Power Stroke name legendary.

Some of the engine features were a waste gated turbocharger, HUEI (hydraulic electric unit injectors) and an air to air inter-cooler. Reliability was the 7.3L’s middle name. This engine is full of power and very reliable when you consider what some people put them through. Take care of the regular maintenance and many of these engines see over 300,000 miles of usage without major repair problems.

In March of 2003 the 6.0L was introduced and the reliable 7.3L was discontinued.

The 6.0L saw a significant increase in horsepower and torque (325 HP and 560 ft-lbs Torque) even with a drastic reduction in engine displacement. The 6.0L also introduced Power Stroke customers to the variable geometry turbocharger, exhaust gas recirculation system and generation two fuel injection system.

Since the introduction of the Ford 6 liter diesel there have been a lot of reliability issues. The people who know more than me about diesel engines in particular agree that when you increase the power of an engine substancially, you stand the chance of loosing reliability.

The 6L engine is great engine when it runs properly, the bugs will get worked out, this is what new technology brings. Some people call the 6L engine job security. It may sound funny, but it keeps mechanics busy at repair shops and dealers (at least as long as there are dealers) and parts suppliers, even engine suppliers stay busy too.

GotEngines.com can fit you up with a 7.3 L diesel or a 6.0L diesel engine. The variety of engines offered ranges from used low mileage engines, which applies to 6L engines mostly since there are not so may low mileage used 7.3L engines, due to attrition. The rebuilt 7.3L diesels are updated and improved to add even more reliability. There are plenty of good used factory updated 6.0L engines available, the best choice for a 6.0L may be one of the fully updated, improved reliability remanufactured units. New ones are available too, but make sure it is an upgraded version the 6.0L.

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8 Responses to “6.0 liter Ford Diesel Engine…Job Security”

  1. sara says:

    In general, is a diesel car cheaper to own? I’m thinking not just gas mileage and cost but also maintenance (I might be wrong but they’re not cheap to purchase, are they)?

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  4. Danny Stokes says:

    I am looking for a Ford F250 or 350 to pull my buddies boat, a 31′ Bluewater. I want a 7.3L but they are very hard to find. My question is how would a 6.0L compare if I have to look at getting one of them?


  5. not for me. i like the 7.3. That being said, the 6.0 is much improved if you get a 2008 or 2009 model. do yourself a BIG favor and buy the longest most comprehensive extended service warranty possible if you buy it from a dealer.
    Personally, I would get a GM Duramax withe the Allisom Transmission

    Good luck, Danny

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